Applying in the UK

Steps for making a visa application inside the UK


The Student visa application fees are:

  • £490 if you apply using the Standard Service
  • £500 if you apply using the Priority Service
  • £1,000 if you apply using the Super Priority Service (next day)
  • £19.20 biometric enrolment fee.

See the processing times for these services below.

As part of your application, you will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). For more information on fees, visit our IHS page

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1. Can I apply for my Student visa inside the UK?

You can apply in the UK if:

  • You have already studied in the UK on a student visa and you have successfully completed your previous course and your next course is at a higher level. Check with ISAT if you want to study a course at the same level.
  • Your course is longer because you have done, or need to do, retakes, a study abroad period or an assessed work placement that is part of your course. Check with ISAT as to when you need to apply for your visa if you are adding a placement or study abroad period to your course.
You cannot apply for a Student visa in the UK if:

  • You have one of the following immigration permissions: visitor, short-term student, parent of a child student, seasonal worker, domestic worker in a private household, permission outside the Immigration Rules. If you do not have a Student visa, then check with ISAT.
  • You are applying for a new course and your new course starts more than 28 days after your current visa ends.
  • You are changing courses at Brookes, without completing your current course, and the end date of your new course is after your current visa ends. You will need to go home to apply for a Student visa in this case.

2. CAS, supporting documents and financial evidence

Whether you are starting a new course, or extending your visa for retakes, our Getting my CAS page explains what you need to do to request your CAS, including:

It is essential you look at the financial evidence and supporting documents pages carefully - if you do not submit the correct documents this will delay your CAS.

Student meeting an ISAT adviser

3. Completing the visa application form

If you need help completing your visa application form, you can use our PDF guide for applying inside the UK which takes you through a step-by-step process of completing the form. You can also arrange to speak to an adviser.

If would like an ISAT adviser to check your visa application form before you submit it, email the PDF document to for checking.

4. Paying the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

When you submit your visa application, you will immediately be asked to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge and then the visa application fee so have your bank details ready. 

For more information on fees, visit our IHS webpage.

5. Attending a biometrics appointment or using the Identity Check App

As part of your application, you’ll need to prove your identity. After submitting your application, you will either be asked to attend a biometrics appointment or use the UK Immigration: ID Check app. 

Biometrics appointment

At the biometrics appointment, you will have your fingerprints and a photograph taken at a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) service point and will be directed to the Sopra Steria website, the official partner of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), to book your biometrics appointment and upload your documents.

You will be asked to choose a service point location and then find an available appointment time for your biometrics. UKVCAS (GOV.UK) gives up-to-date information about the service point locations and the cost of the different services. The link also tells you what documents you need to take to your appointment.

You are given the option to purchase 'added-value' services. You do not need to buy any of these. Please note that ISAT provide document checking and immigration advice free of charge. Also you should be able to get translation services that are cheaper than that offered.

UK Immigration: ID Check app

If you are not asked to attend a biometrics appointment you will be asked to use the app to scan your passport/BRP card, take a photo of yourself, and submit a copy of your documents electronically. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will email you to explain the process.

In order to complete your application you must upload a copy of your passport and current visa, and other evidence for your application if required.

6. Uploading my supporting documents

As part of your visa application, you will need to upload scans of your supporting documents. You will do this either:

  • after you book your biometrics appointment at a UKVCAS centre. There will be a checklist telling you which documents to upload.
  • or, if you are using the UK Immigration: ID Check app and do not need to attend an appointment, you’ll get an email explaining how to submit a photo and your documents (see step 5 above).

Scans should not be in colour to reduce the file size. There will be a section for 'Mandatory documents' and a section for 'other documents'. You must upload a file for all the mandatory documents. For any other evidence you need to submit, choose the section that best suits your document.

Student working on laptop

7. What happens after I make my visa application?

You should not book any travel outside the UK until after you have received your new visa back from the Home Office. Remember, even though you retain your passport during the application process, you must not travel as this will mean your application is withdrawn.

  • Evidence: If you are a country on the Differential Requirement List, then the UKVI may contact you to request your finance and your academic qualifications, unless you have been here for 12 consecutive months. Contact us immediately if this happens. If you do not send the required documents in the time specified by the UKVI, then your visa application will be refused.
  • Immigration Health Charge: The visa application form does not always correctly calculate the Immigration Health Charge so you may get an email from the UKVI asking you to pay more. You can check this with us first.
  • Credibility interviews: Very occasionally, the UKVI asks for a student to attend an interview before deciding their visa. Contact us if you are asked to do this. See more information about credibility interviews.