Visa responsibilities

All students on a Tier 4 or Student route visa must:

  • Attend all teaching or supervisory sessions whether this is face-to-face or online.
  • Take part in all aspects of your course set by your faculty, including completing any assignments or in class tests so you make good progress. If you cannot attend part of your course for emergencies or sickness, you must get permission from your module leader. If you need to take extended time from your course, please contact ISAT as you will need visa advice.
  • Keep your contact details (name, address, phone number) up to date on your Student Information page.
  • Check your Brookes email address and respond to any requests from University staff. If the International Students Compliance Team (ISCT) contact you to ask you to present documents, do not ignore this as it may mean the University will need to report you to United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI).Share your unique culture with others and spread intercultural awareness.
  • Adhere to all of the University's Regulations for Study, including the Student Visa Engagement Policy.

Work reponsibilities

You must not work more hours per week than allowed on your visa.

Hours permitted in semester time

Work permitted during holiday time

Travel permitted
Foundation or English language students
10 hours in any week starting on a Monday
Yes, full timeYes in holiday time
Undergraduate or postgraduate taught students
20 hours in any week starting on a Monday
  • Masters students studying a dissertation can only work 20 hours a week
  • Students can do a placement full time as this is part of your course 
Yes, full time
Yes in holiday time
Research degrees
20 hours in any week starting on a Monday
Yes, 20 hours (same as semester)
Contact Research Degrees team

Breaching your student visa conditions

Please note that the University must inform the UKVI if they discover a student has broken any of their visa conditions, for example, if they become aware that a student has worked more than the permitted hours in a week.

Visa advice during your studies

  • If you need to apply for a visa extension for retakes or after a period of Approved Temporary Withdrawal (ATW), contact us 3-4 months before your visa expires. ISAT will help you with this process but you must make your application before your current visa expires otherwise you will become an ‘overstayer’. You may have to stop studying and the University may report you to the UKVI.
  • If you need to take time out of your studies, you will need to apply for Approved Temporary Withdrawal and leave the UK. We will report this to the UKVI who will curtail (cut short) your visa and you will have 60 days in which to leave the UK. When you want to come back to finish studying, you will need to apply for a new CAS and for a new visa.

If you have any questions about any of the above procedures, contact ISAT.