Identifying and responding to microaggressions

This short online course will help participants understand, identify, and address the impact of microaggressions.

About the course

Microaggressions are subtle, everyday slights or put downs. Regardless of whether they are intentional or unintentional, they can create a hostile working environment.  

This short online course aims to help participants understand and identify microaggressions, particularly racial ones, and their impact on recipients. It will also cover strategies to avoid committing microaggressions and how to respond when witnessing them. The three-hour session includes discussions, activities, and reflections led by two experienced academics.

Delivery date: Tuesday 16 July, 1:30pm-4:30pm

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Course description

The course will enable participants to develop an understanding of

  • what microaggressions are
  • how to identify them
  • what the impact is on the receiver
  • ways to avoid carrying out microaggressions
  • how to respond to witnessing microaggressions when they take place.

The focus will be on racial microaggressions but other types of microaggressions will also be discussed.

During the three-hour session, you will be invited to participate in discussions, activities and short reflection tasks guided by two academics with personal and professional experience in the area.


Course participants will increase their awareness of a key area of equality and diversity practice that will enable them to be more inclusive in their professional and personal lives.

Course participants will also leave with a copy of the course slides and recommended reading and activities to support deepening their understanding of key issues.

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Course will be delivered online.