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Professional testing services for recreational athletes and fitness enthusiasts utilizing the Oxford Brookes human performance laboratory and staff expertise.

What kind of assessments do we offer?

Level 1 fitness test*

The lactate profile is a submaximal step-test, which involves exercising for 3-4 minute stages at progressive speeds/power outputs. Heart rate, blood lactate and rating of perceived exertion (RPE), are measured at the end of each stage.

We use the blood lactate data to identify thresholds that provide an indication of your endurance capacity. We also use the data to calculate heart rate and intensity (speed/power) training zones. You can use the training zones to guide your training and monitor progress.

Data from this profile include: Lactate threshold, Lactate turnpoint, Heart rate training zones

*Duration: 45-60 mins, cost £120

Level 2 fitness test*

This assessment follows the same format as the level 1 profile (see above). Expired gas is also measured during the step test to measure exercise economy. After a short break, a maximal test is performed where the exercise intensity (speed/power) is increased until volitional exhaustion. The purpose of the maximal test is to measure maximal heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max).

This is our most popular assessment, which is suitable for amateur and professional athletes looking to understand and improve their endurance performance. Data from this profile include: Lactate threshold, Lactate turnpoint, Heart rate training zones, Exercise economy, Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)

Duration: 60 - 90 mins, cost: £170

Level 3 fitness test*

This is our most comprehensive assessment of endurance performance, which includes body composition and exercise metabolism data.

Body composition (fat and fat free mass) is measured using the skinfold assessment method. The assessment follows the same format as the level 2 profile.

Data from this profile include:

Body composition (fat and fat free mass), Lactate threshold, Lactate turnpoint, Heart rate training zones, Energy expenditure, Carbohydrate and fat utilisation, Exercise economy, Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max).

*Duration: 90 - 110 mins, cost £230


"I visited the team at Oxford Brookes after being accepted through ballot to the London marathon.

The data I received from the Level 3 fitness test, in particular the heart rate training zones, lactate profile and VO2max, gave me a true understanding of my current fitness levels. These results allowed me to fine tune my training and assure me that I was working within in the correct zones.

The results were sent through within a couple of days. Displayed and explained in a way that’s suitable for all and not just the scientists.

I have another marathon coming up and I’m sure I’ll be visiting the guys again soon."


Student running on gas analysis machine
Gas Analysis

Body comp: (skinfolds or BIA)*

This assessment involves measuring the thickness of seven skinfolds at specific locations on the body using precise callipers. The purpose of the assessment is to measure the level of subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat beneath the skin). We can also measure body composition using laboratory grade bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) scales. The report from this assessment includes the following data:

Body fat (kg and %)

Fat free mass (kg and %)

Sum of seven skinfolds (mm)

Estimated basal metabolic rate (BMR)

*Duration: 30 mins, cost: £65

skinfolds assessment
Body comp: skinfolds

Resting metabolic rate*

Your body needs a certain amount of energy from the diet to maintain essential physiological functions. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the energy required by the body in a resting condition. During this assessment your oxygen consumption will be measured whilst at complete rest to determine your RMR.

Your RMR data can be used to guide the amount of energy (calories) you require on a daily basis, which is useful for body composition goals, such as fat loss or increasing muscle mass.

*Duration: 45 mins, cost: £80

Resting metabolic rate with FatMax exercise test*

The amount of fat your body uses to fuel exercise increases from low to moderate intensity exercise and progressively decreases as exercise intensity increases. This test involves exercising for 3 minute stages at progressive speeds/power outputs. Expired gas (air you breathe out) is measured throughout to calculate carbohydrate and fat oxidation rates.

This test is useful for athletes wishing to train at intensities that maximise fat oxidation, for example athletes competing in ultra endurance and aesthetic sports.

*Duration: 90 mins, cost £200

When can I book an assessment?

Assessments are available on the following days/times:

Tuesday 3-5 pm

Wednesday 3-4 pm

Friday 9-10 am

How can I make a booking?

Please contact to check availability.

How do I pay?

Online pre-payment is required.

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