Late applications

It’s not too late to apply

The final deadline for UCAS applications is 30 June.

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Did you know that many universities and colleges accept applications after the UCAS January deadline?

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the UCAS January deadline, changed your mind about what course you want to study, or haven’t got the offers you had hoped for – there is still time to apply to study with us in September. There are some simple steps you can take to make a late application. Some courses can fill up quickly, so if you know which one you’re interested in, it is better to apply sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

How to apply

You can apply through UCAS (final UCAS deadline for applications is 30 June), or through UCAS Extra (if you’ve already applied but aren’t holding any offers).

Some things to bear in mind as you make your decision:

  • The sooner you make your UCAS application, the more accommodation options you will have.
  • Complete your student finance application, even if you do not have an offer, so that you can make sure your loan will be available for the start of your course.

Apply through UCAS

You can check which courses still have vacancies after the January deadline on the UCAS website. The final UCAS deadline for applications is 30 June. The number of course vacancies available will decrease the later you leave it, so apply as early as possible.

You’ll need a UCAS code for each course you apply for. You'll find these at the top of each course page. Our institution name is OXFD and the institution code is 066.

Make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to research courses, write a great personal statement and given your referees time to provide references.

If you do not apply by 30 June you can enter Clearing, which opens on 5 July. If you are waiting for results from a level 3 course (eg. BTEC or A-Levels) you won’t be given any offers in Clearing until your final results are received.

Apply through UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is available to applicants who want to add new course choices. It is available from late February for all undergraduate applications.

If you have not received any offers or you have declined offers you did receive, then you might be able to add another choice. If you are holding an offer from a university or college, you will need to decline this before you can use Extra.

You can only apply to one course at a time, meaning you cannot have an insurance choice. If Extra is available to you it will show up as a button when you sign in to track your application.

See the UCAS website for more information on Extra including applicable fees.

Please be aware that not all courses will have vacancies available through Extra.

Part-time courses – making a direct application

If you are considering studying part-time, you will typically make a direct application to the university. You will find course listings on the university websites and information on how to apply.

UCAS also provides part-time course listings.

Student finance application

You will need to apply for student finance as soon as possible – even if you’re not sure which course you will join in September.

You can apply for student finance without holding an offer.

You will be asked to add course details when you apply, but you can update this if you decide on a different course later.

It can take up to 6 weeks to process student finance applications.

Applications for full-time student finance open in February. If you have completed an application and submitted all supporting documents by 31 May, your loan will be approved in time for your course start date in September. If not, your money could be late.

Part-time applications can be made from late spring. Check the student finance website for more details.

You can find more information on making an application

Accommodation application

If you plan to live in halls, you normally won’t be able to apply for accommodation until you’ve applied through UCAS and accepted an offer.

If you are going to live away from home, particularly in halls of residence, you may only be able to apply for accommodation once you have accepted an offer.

We guarantee accommodation in one of your 5 hall choices if you make us your firm choice and apply by the deadline. We also guarantee accommodation if you are an Insurance applicant and you apply by the deadline, however, this may not be in one of your preferred choices.

If you plan to live in private accommodation, some student letting providers will want confirmation that you have accepted an offer.

For both private and university accommodation, you may need to pay a holding deposit, so it’s important that you are happy with your choice of course and accommodation.

Although you can’t apply for accommodation before you’ve accepted a place, make sure you do your research in advance so that you can make your application as soon as possible.

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