Support my students to navigate the online library and undertake research online

WHAT and WHEN this tool/approach is to be used

When preparing for 2020/21, liaise with your Academic Liaison Librarian to plan Library teaching input at appropriate points during the module and/or programme.

Why would a teacher use this approach/tool, and link to the 4C features

The Library provides access to thousands of e-books and online journals to support remote learning, but not all students are confident navigating the Library online, or using online research tools such as databases rather than Googling. 

During the 2020/21 academic year, it will be more crucial than ever to teach students how to choose and locate the resources they need either in the physical or the online Library. With likely reduced face-to-face contact with Library staff, providing opportunities for students to meet and interact with their Academic Liaison Librarian online will help build community and ensure consistency of support.

How to use this approach/tool

For new students, Learning Resources have developed two short courses in Moodle to help them develop core online study competencies: Digital Capabilities for Students and Academic Integrity. Both will be available to students from September 2020 and you can link to them from your own Moodle courses, and make them compulsory if you wish. The Library also has a suite of 'teach yourself' guides and short video tutorials. You could signpost these guides in the Student Study Plan to give specific resources to support their studies.

For more course-specific support for students’ searching and Library use, for all levels from new undergraduates to doctoral students, your Academic Liaison Librarian will be able to provide online teaching either synchronously or asynchronously, such as narrated slideshows, videos, live Google Meet sessions or Moodle quizzes. Get in touch with them early in your programme and module planning to embed relevant skills at appropriate points in your course.

Inclusivity and Accessibility review

Academic Liaison Librarians are ensuring that all their teaching and support materials for the 2020/21 academic year meet current accessibility guidelines. Having a named subject contact in the Library enables students, whatever their individual learning circumstances, to receive tailored help and support.

Ensure all relevant activities are added to the Student Study Plan for the module in question.

All online resources should be compatible with the UK Digital Accessibility Standards 2020. See Creating Digitally Accessible Learning and Teaching Materials Brookes Moodle course.

Use the Blackboard Ally tool to help check the accessibility of the content you have prepared (available within Moodle late July - early August 2020).


  • Hazel Rothera