Track student progress in Moodle and access reports

It is possible in Moodle to configure activity completion for any/all course resources or activities, which helps programme teams track how students are progressing through a course. As well as providing programme teams with useful information, it can help with the student experience – there is a clear visual indication to students of which items in a course they have completed and which items still require attention.

Why would a teacher use this approach/tool, and link to the 4C features


  • The completion tracking function identifies the key activities that need to be completed in a course.


  • It allows programme and module teams to intervene if students are not making the expected progress to ensure that no-one is left behind.


  • Students should be familiar with completion tracking across all modules.


  • It allows students to see their own individual progress in a module at any given moment, e.g. what activities have completed and what activities they must complete.

Inclusivity and Accessibility review

Tracking student progress can give programme and module teams an indication of whether there are any students who feel they have been excluded from the course, either because of technical issues or socioeconomic factors, and allow them to follow up individual cases. This can also be an indication that students cannot access certain activities because of accessibility issues, such as when an activity requires proprietary software or fast broadband connections.

Ensure all relevant activities are added to the Student Study Plan for the module in question.

All online resources should be compatible with the UK Digital Accessibility Standards 2020. See Creating Digitally Accessible Learning and Teaching Materials Brookes Moodle course.

Use the Blackboard Ally tool to help check the accessibility of the content you have prepared (available within Moodle late July - early August 2020).


  • Richard Hall
  • Harry Kalantzis