Governors handbook

  • Governors' Handbook

    SECTION 1: Governors

    1.1 List of Governors & Period of Office
    1.2 Contact Details of Governors
    1.3 Biographies of Governors
    1.4 Scheme for Induction of Governors

    SECTION 2: Senior Management Team, PVC Deans & Directors

    2.1 List of members of Vice-Chancellor’s Group

    SECTION 3: Operation of the Board of Governors

    3.1 Education Reform Act 1988 - S124
    Defines powers of the corporation (the Board of Governors)
    3.2 Instrument of Government
    Defines the composition of the Board of Governors
    3.3 Rules for Appointment and Removal of Governors
    Defines procedures for the appointment and removal of Governors
    3.4 Articles of Government
    Defines the responsibilities of the Board of Governors, the Principal (the Vice-Chancellor) and the Academic Board and includes provisions on staff, student and financial matters.
    3.5 Board of Governors Standing Orders

    SECTION 4: Committees of the Board of Governors

    4.1 Terms of Reference and Membership of Committees 
    4.1.1 Vice Chancellor's Group
    4.1.2 Board of Governors 
    4.1.3 Audit Committee
    4.1.4 Finance & Resources Committee  
    4.1.5 Nominations Committee
    4.1.6 VCG Remuneration Committee 
    4.1.7 Remuneration Committee
    4.1.8 Honorary Conferments Committee
    4.2 Standing Orders - Committees of the Board of Governors

    SECTION 5: Register of Governors Interests

    5.1 Scheme of Registration
    5.2 Register

    SECTION 6: Financial Matters

    6.1 Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability between HEFCE and Institutions
    Prescribes the conditions of receiving grants from the Funding Council, including the obligations of the Board. Incorporates the Audit Committee Code of Practice.

    SECTION 7: Student Matters

    7.1 Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech including Guidance on Visiting Speakers
    7.2 Education Act 1994 - S22
    Defines responsibilities of the Board to secure the fair and democratic operation of the Brookes Union.
    7.3 Brookes Union Code of Practice