MBA fees, scholarships and discounts


The programme fee for the Oxford Brookes Global MBA is £18,600 for those starting in March 2024 (application deadline 22 February 2024).

The programme fee for September 2024 and March 2025 entry is £18,950.

The fees quoted are the full price of the course. Payment can be made in two instalments.  

ACCA members scheme and discount

ACCA members receive credit for the Accounting and Finance module and an elective module. As such ACCA members can complete the programme in 18 – 24 months. ACCA members are not interviewed as part of the admission process.

The programme fee for ACCA members starting in March 2024 is £14,100.

The programme fee for ACCA members starting September 2024 and March 2025 entry is £14,400.

The fees quoted are the full price of the course. Payment can be made in two instalments.  

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What is included in your MBA fee?

When you come to study a compulsory or elective MBA module face-to-face on campus rather than online, we will provide lunch and refreshments. You will need to arrange and cover the cost of your accommodation, including breakfast and evening meal. For examples of Oxford accommodation costs, please contact the MBA Team:

You will need to pay for your own travel to and from all residential workshops and Business School face-to-face modules in Oxford.

Global MBA Scholarships

In addition to retaining the fees at the 2020-21 level, we have also extended our scholarships in order to make the Brookes Global MBA more accessible.

Global Diversity Scholarships

The Global Diversity Scholarship for the Oxford Brookes Global MBA programme aims to support those who are based in lower-income countries, to provide enhanced opportunities and to celebrate the truly global reach of our MBA programme.

They are offered to all students who live and work in specific countries based on the UN Development Index and World Bank NI data (PDF).

The value of the Global Diversity Scholarship is £4,000 for Full Programme students or £1,500 for ACCA students (note that the ACCA route is only open to ACCA members who have completed all papers). 

Global Healthcare Scholarships

This new scholarship is for prospective students working in the global healthcare sector. It builds on the programme’s growing intake of students from healthcare organisations and recognises the global importance of advancing the healthcare sector. For the purpose of deciding who qualifies, the healthcare sector is defined as all medical/healthcare services providers such as hospitals, hospices, care homes, clinics, as well as all medicine/drug developers and manufacturers; it also includes related research. We are aware that global healthcare can take many forms, so if you don't fall within those two broad categories but think you might quality, please contact us to discuss.

There are also University Discounts available for certain groups. 

Other University discounts, scholarships and funding options are available for certain groups.

Postgraduate Loans Scheme

The UK government offer a Postgraduate Master’s loans scheme through the Student Loans Company (SLC). Postgraduate loans are available to eligible UK students (under the age of 60) for a portion of the MBA programme fees.

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA offers a high level of flexibility, allowing you to shorten or extend how long it takes to complete the programme. The University has set up the loan scheme for a period of two years in order to reflect the fee payment schedule.

However, we would like you to be aware that the SLC does not follow the same level of flexibility as the programme and therefore, if a student extends their period of study, the SLC will not alter the repayment schedule and will always expect repayments to start two years after the programme started if the income threshold is reached, whether you have completed the programme or extended your study period. Please check carefully the terms and conditions of your loan with the SLC.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship

Another route to gaining the Oxford Brookes Global MBA is through the Senior Leader Apprenticeship and the additional top-up to a full MBA qualification. Studying modules with the MBA cohort, Senior Leader Apprentices benefit from learning with the Oxford Brookes Global MBA community and there is a top-up route to achieve the full Oxford Brookes Global MBA (at additional cost). The cost of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship is fully funded by the Apprentice Levy.

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