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    Find out more about the Oxford Brookes Enterprise Support Awards entrants and their ideas.

    BackApper, Kate Nightingale - £3,000

    Kate Nightingale

    The BackApper app allows (s)solo-adventurers to safely and conveniently make friends while they travel. This award can find the development of the app to open revenue streams, as well as the marketing materials to test the market in Oxford. The funding can also go towards establishing a website and paying for submission to the App Store.

    Dot Dash Activewear, Nicole Clewer - £3,000

    Nicole Clewer

    Dot Dash Active Wear is a luxury active wear brand that was launched in December 2017. My passion is fitness and fashion and I wanted to incorporate this into creating my own brand. It is going to be featured in the UK’s biggest fitness magazine – Women’s Health in April.

    KeylessNo, Floris van Silfhout and Felix Althaus - £3,000

    Floris Van Silfhout and Felix Althaus

    KeylessNo seeks to secure cars against keyless entry thefts. This award will help us to develop the required software to build a prototype and to network.

    Clipmatic, Lampson Leung - £2,500

    Lampson Leung

    Clipmatic is an organising system for spiral bound materials. This project will be carried out through a series of product development, prototype, and trial manufacturing and market penetration through local trade shows.

    Lithium, Connor Green with Jessica Yelf - £2,000

    Connor Green and Jessica Yelf

    Lithium will be a social networking app that will change how club-goers experience a night out by providing a unique service that is unmatched in this industry. This award will help us to create a product that has the potential to sit alongside the market leaders in social media.

    AppySpray, Christopher Andrews – Do It award £1,000

    Chris Andrews

    AppySpray is an app designed for lease car owners. The award will help me to develop, test and market the product to find out if there is a demand.

    Harwood International, Jonathan Hames - £1,000

    Jonny Hames

    Harwood International helps British businesses develop within Central Asian markets by promoting their products, providing oversight, and generating and pursuing sales on their behalf. I am applying for this award to help my already established company expand its operations and also set up a website and email domain

    Trimm, Ben Brooke and Ana Grossmann - £500

    Ben Brooke and Ana Grossmann

    Trimm is a start-up app that shall allow users to customise and visualise hairstyles, then to choose a barbershop for the chosen hairstyle, and to buy hair products to care for their new trim. The award will enable us to register the business, paying legal fees, hosting, branding and entertaining investors.

    Cardboks, Theo Raithby - £500

    Theo Raithby

    An affordable, flat pack, cardboard bin to help with waste and litter at events. This award will be used for legal advice, product development, raising company profile and marketing the production of samples in order to get the business up and running.

    Uni Cups, Harry Hall - £500

    Harry Hall

    Uni Cup aims to trial a scheme where all coffee is served in a reusable plastic cup on campus at a charge of £1. The students can either keep the cup or put it in a machine which will give them a refund. Our company will collect, clean and re-supply the cups to the University for a fee. This award will help fund the proof of concept and data collection.

    Project Management Collaboration Website, Ifonima Essien - £500

    Ifonima Essien

    Collaboration between construction professionals and businesses in Western and African countries is difficult due to knowledge and industrial barriers. This project seeks to develop a website to provide collaboration facilitation services in the UK and Nigeria. The award will help in facilitating my market research.

    ML Media Consulting, Marius Seisenberger with Leon Fenske - £250

    ML Media Consulting

    ML Media Consultancy is a social media marketing consultancy for SMEs in Germany. Before we do so we will need to get hands-on experience and knowledge which we will get through our two initial projects: selling prank boxes, and a drop shipping business.

    Nush, Sona Mirzoyan - £250

    Sona Mirzoyan

    Nush means Almond in Armenian. The idea of Nush is to start a 100% organic and dairy free Almond Milk production in Armenia. The award will serve as a starting capital to set up the business, begin the production, create the packaging and organise distribution and delivery.

    Gosford Press, Thomas Nicolaou - £250

    Gosford Press is an independent arts and photobook publisher. It will publish the work of artists, photographers or authors with a licence to photographic collections into edition books. The award will be spent on further research of the topic.

    FoodHaul, Nick Jones- £250

    Nick Jones

    Food Haul is an instant supermarket delivery service for students. It is very new, but many customers have used the service. Winning an award would help to raise awareness of the company, as well as provide investment to use on creating an app or improving the website software.

    Acosity, Waleed Khalid - £200

    Waleed Bin Khalid

    Acosity strives at the logistical obstacle of last mile delivery. I intend to solve the problem through drones which are unmanned, aerial vehicles, capable of transporting packages up to 5kg at 70mph.

    Journal Collection, Cecilie Oslen Stakvik - £100

    Cecilie Olsen Stakvik

    I would like to create journals with smart layouts, helping people plan their daily activities and help them into a positive mind set by balancing work and their personal life. The funding will go towards a good website, designing the notebooks, the logo and printing the books, as well as marketing the final products.

    Recognised, Anneka Wallington- £3,000

    Anneka Wallington

    Recognised is a socially minded business creating on-trend fashionable jewellery to empower people to raise awareness to causes. I am applying to progress this business further, in particular to develop a final product, deliver a website and selling platform and create marketing materials.

    Bee-able, Sophia Bannert - £2,500

    Sophia Barnett

    Bee-Able is a tool developed to tackle accessibility issues in the city using technology, architectural interventions and people power. Bee-Able allows citizens to rate and review the accessibility of their city, informing businesses exactly how to improve whilst helping other travellers feel more comfortable in their city.

    Miss Frida, Cristina de Sus - £2,000

    Cristina De Sus

    Miss Frida is an innovative babywear lifestyle brand that combines chic and contemporary designs with centenary embroideries as a result of our exclusive partnerships with indigenous communities in Mexico.

    Tesito, Mbakeh Camara and Natasha Robinson - £1,700

    Natasha Robinson and Mbakeh Camara

    Tesito aims to establish a women’s cooperative in The Gambia, equipping women to make a range of sauces, chutneys and jams.

    Up-Cycle Studio, Nati Lopez and Martina Adamcikova - £1,500

    Nati Lopez and Martina Adamcikova

    Up-Cycling Studio seeks to set up a space to run workshops on up-cycling and educate the community about waste management and how to reuse, recycle and up-cycle unwanted items. The money from this award will be used to set up the studio and promote the up-cycling workshops.

    Step and Vibe, Sonal Vyas - £1,500

    Sonal Vyas

    Step and Vibe is a fun after school club for primary school children. The club focuses on dance from different cultures, building confidence, having fun and being active. The award can help the club expand into other primary schools, children’s parties and improve the experience for the children.

    DolkreyLand, Kevin Pareiso and Anina Tietjens - £500

    Anina Tietjens and Kevin Paraiso

    Dolkreyland wants to sell trousers with African inspired patterns to promote the African culture in England. We would need the money from the award to produce the trousers, pay for a website and marketing.

    Lobbii, Paloma Nisola and Vinmar Tipay - £500

    Paloma Nisola

    Lobbii is the digital go-to place where prospective students can explore different international universities uniquely through the eyes of the current students. The aim is to ensure that every user takes the best universityrelated informed decisions and receive all possible support from the Lobbii community to make the most of their university experience.

    ProjectOn, Flora Litchfield and Lily McMeekin - £500

    Lily McMeekin and Flora Litchfield

    ProjectOn holds art events welcoming emerging creatives to share and discuss their interests and consider the opportunity to collaborate on work. The funding will help us hold multiple events, rent venue space, hire or buy equipment, promote events, provide refreshments and purchase new software.

    The Right Choice, Tina Poletto - £500

    Tina Poletto

    64% of Italian students think they don’t get enough help and information to choose the right university. The Right Choice’s main aim is to provide this help. Winning this award will enable me to create an online community which will connect university students and professionals.

    B.Y.O.C. cups, William Pearson - £500

    William Pearson

    In order to reduce landfill in the UK, B.Y.O.C’s main mission is to get rid of paper coffee cups and replace them with plastic reusable cups.

    Happy Globe, Oscar Escallada - £100

    Oscar Escallada

    Happy Globe teaches happiness to individuals, helping companies to develop happy places to work and promoting social projects to create a better world. An award will help me to create a website, market my programmes, and organise a workshop.

    Senior Strength, Priya Armstrong and Victoria Halford - £250

    Priya Armstrong and Victoria Halford

    We aim to create a personal service with tailored exercises and workouts to help develop and retain muscle strength in the elderly. In turn, maintaining mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks. We plan to create an environment without fear of embarrassment and one on one attention for every client.

    Trinity, Bedour Alshaigy, Yumi Bagge and Jared Reabow - £1,000


    Trinity developed a secure, affordable and robust device that alerts carers or family members to reduce the response time of accidents. While similar products exist, we believe we can provide it in a more affordable way. This funding will help in making the prototype, manufacturing and marketing the product.

    Gift Exchange Cart, Jared Williams- £500

    Jared Williams

    Gift Exchange Cart is based around the exchange economy which will involve swapping ingredients for fresh hot food. The project relies on engagement to continue. This award will pay for materials, cookers and pots.

    International Student Voices, Multi Wulan Sari - £500

    Multi Sari

    International Student Voices aims to find an effective way to fill the gap between university facilities and student needs to tackle loneliness. This award will enable me to make this project sustainable.

    ShareMate, Yik Shun Ma - £200

    Yik Sun Ma

    ShareMate is a mobile app which offers a food sharing platform as a sharing community between restaurants and students. They can find out the edible food waste from the restaurants nearby. The app will provide skills in recycling and cooking. Students may also arrange the schedule of their grocery shopping.