Julie Green - Beyond Coffee - Hull

  • Julie Green - Beyond Coffee - Hull


    coffeeThe Award has enabled the existing services to be delivered from a community venue and new services to be established. Services include drop in sessions for a 'Health MOT' and for 'Breastfeeding Peer Support'; Classes in Birth Preparation, Natalhypnotherapy and Baby Resuscitation; a Community Acupuncture Clinic and a range of other holistic therapies. They also provide placements for University students from the Faculty of Health. They were awarded an NHS contract to deliver the classes and are now speaking with the NHS commissioner to increase the contract by 50% as the classes are so over subscribed. Other key achievements include achieving sustainability and being nominated for a NetMums Award.

    Julie received a HE SE Development Award to fund the refurbishment and set up of a café venue that takes 'Health to the High Street' and health promotions away from traditional settings that can be seen as hierarchical or stigmatised. Julie, a qualified childbirth educator and midwife, and her business partner have become renowned for providing education for childbirth that is realistic and fun.

    Julie says being awarded the HE SE Development Award gave her the courage and vital finance to establish the Social Enterprise and she is now looking to replicate the café using a franchising model (UnLtd are brokering the pro-bono legal advice needed for this).