Rizwan Khan

  • Case study - Rizwan Khan
  • Personal details

    Name: Rizwan Khan

    Nationality: Pakistani

    Course studied at Oxford Brookes University: BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting

    Year Graduated: 2013

    Name of business: VBOX IT

    Website: http://www.vboxit.com/

    Business summary:

    VBOX IT delivers end-to-end technology solutions to businesses across various industries. The company’s core offering features a wide portfolio of services ranging from the contracted supply of business hardware (computers, peripherals, storage devices, connected devices, etc.) and software (antiviruses, office suite, video editing, communication solutions, etc.) to the provision of specialised IT services including cloud and virtualisation solutions, data backup solutions, networking and security solutions, training and support, and consultancy. These services are facilitated by the Managing Director and his team in collaboration with partner IT vendors and distributors.

    The company’s flagship offering is Hardware which carries the highest average price, whereas the highest contribution margin is expected from Consultancy.

    VBOX IT is committed to delivering high quality solutions that streamline business processes, increase productivity, and add security to working environment.


    Why did you apply for Tier 1 GEV?

    I applied for Tier 1 GEV because I believe it was the finest route for me to demonstrate my business idea and be a part of committed learning process. This is also the best route to develop your business idea with the help of dedicated business mentors assigned by the university.

    How easy do you find the application process?

    The application process was step by step and easy to follow. Guidance was provided at all the stages which really helped me to structure and organise everything in advance. I highly recommend being a part of the Oxford Brookes Entrepreneurs society. My entire experience with them was brilliant.

    What support have you been given since receiving your Tier 1 GE visa?

    I would like to thank Oxford Brookes for their dedicated support in shaping my business idea into reality. Brookes assigned me a dedicated world class business mentor who clearly demonstrated in depth knowledge and understanding of formulating the business strategy, business operations and planning. My business proposal had been approved and endorsed by Commercial Review Panel, this would have not been possible without the guidance and dedication of the Tier 1 team.

    What are your future plans for your business?

    My future plan is to continuously develop my business and continue my journey as Entrepreneur, in order to do that I have decided to apply for Tier 1 Visa Entrepreneur route. I will initially invest minimum of £50,000 or possibly more, depending on the situation which will certainly help to grow my business.

    What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a Tier 1 GE visa?

    If you are thinking to apply for Tier 1 GE Visa, the only advice I would give is to fasten your seat belt and get ready for a real “next level” opportunity. It’s challenging but is the best route to demonstrate your practical and realise your business proposal. In order to do that you really do have to start believing in yourself and face and overcome challenges along the way.