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  • Celebrating Success

    The contribution of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies to the field of coaching has been steadily growing and recognised by various organisations and professional bodies. We are the largest university centre of coaching and mentoring academic-practitioners in the world.

    We also celebrate awards received by members of our team and our students in recognition of their individual successes.

    Our team’s awards – in recognition of individual success

    Prof Tatiana Bachkirova - Received an award from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard in honour of a decade of inspiring and supporting coaching science as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council

    Dr Ioanna Iordanou - Winner of the Coaching Book of the Year 2017 Award, Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School

    Dr Ioanna Iordanou - Winner of Best Full Paper Award for the paper ‘Back to the Basics: Humanising Management Education in the Relational, Exploratory, and Attitudinal Workspaces of Coaching Conversations' (with Ashley Roberts), British Academy of Management (BAM)

    Prof Tatiana Bachkirova - External Coaching Champion 2015, Coaching at Work

    Prof Tatiana Bachkirova - Distinguished Contribution to Coaching Psychology – 2011, British Psychological Society, Special Group in Coaching Psychology

    Carmelina Lawton Smith – Best Paper of the Year 2014, Coaching at Work.

    Celebrating student success

    The excellence of the work of students on the MA Coaching and Mentoring Practice is recognised by the awarding of annual prizes.

  • 2016 Christine Vitzthum How Can Maternity-Return Coaching Complement Structural Organisational Benefits? APECS Prize for the best dissertation on an executive coaching or supervision topic
    2016 Annita Clarke An Exploration of the Experience of Being Mentored by Police Officers on the Meaning Making of 6th Form College Students Esther Cavett Prize - for the dissertation with the greatest potential for social good
    2015 Nigel Emson Exploring metaphor use and its insight into sense making with executive coaching clients APECS Prize
    2015 Bradley Cole An exploration of meaning-making for ex-prisoners in the role of peer mentor Esther Cavett Prize
    2015 Joyce Moons Shift in the room - myth or magic? How do coaches create a transformational shift in the room? MA C&M Prize
    2014 David Britten The felt sense of coaching: an interpretative phenomenological analysis MA C&M & APECS Prizes
    2013 Helen Hawken Did coaching change me? Perceptions of the impact of coaching: a case study on coaching in the UK television industry APECS Prize
    2013 Fiona Williams Use of perception in coaching: How might themed coaching help managers leaders improve their quality of perception? MA C&M Prize
    2012 Patricia Mathews More than a brain on legs: an exploration of working with the body in coaching ? APECS Prize
    2012 Claire Sheldon Trust your gut, listen to reason: How experienced coaches work with intuition in their practice MA C&M Prize
    2011 Philip Delight An investigation into the rhetoric and reality of team coaching APECS Prize
    2011 Tina Buckle It can be life-changing: the coach and coachee's experience of psychometrics in coaching MA C&M Prize
    2010 Nigel Sargent What's happening in the coaching conversation with an executive at risk of derailing? APECS Prize
    2010 Gillian Reynolds An exploration of the meaning of coaching for newly appointed senior leaders in their first twelve to eighteen months in role MA C&M Prize
    2009 Simon Machin The nature of internal coaching relationships during the working phase from the perspective of coach and client APECS Prize
    2009 Tanya Prescott What is the coach's experience of helping the client progress? MA C&M Prize
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