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      International Conference on Coaching Supervision

  • 8th International Conference on Coaching Supervision

    Following the very successful introduction of our alternative colloquium format last year we are returning to the conference format for 2019 and inviting you for our 8th Coaching Supervision Conference. This year we wish to draw attention to diversity in supervision. What do we need to take into account in order to best serve different types of coaches, with different practices, in different contexts? What is constant in our practice and what is variable? 

    This year we are inviting proposals for presentations from supervisors, coaches, educators and researchers of coaching, who wish to offer their perspectives, ideas, research on diversity and context in supervision practice.

    Our keynote speakers are Professor Reinhard Stelter (Denmark) and Dr Paul Lawrence (Australia). There will be also two pre-conference workshops on Friday 10 May 2019 (additional registration is required).

    The topic of Reinhard’s keynote talk is “The coaching supervisor as a fellow-human companion: Towards transformative exchange”.

    Paul's keynote will explore ways in which supervisors can support the coach's development with help of a narrative approach.

    The pre-conference workshops on the 10 May are as follow:

    • Morning workshop: Supervision in a Thinking Environment, with Eve Turner and Anne Hathaway
    • Afternoon workshop: Supervision and dialogue – reflecting on reflective practice, with Paul LawrenceYour presentation could be conceptual, theoretical, practice or research oriented. It could also be experientially based session, case study or a demonstration. 

    The abstract form with guidelines can be downloaded here.

    Send your abstracts to Matty Mathe at iccams@brookes.ac.uk with the subject line "8th Supervision Conference".

    Important dates:

    Abstract submission deadline: Monday 14 January 2019
    Decision by the panel: Monday 28 January 2019
    Early Bird registration: Ends Monday 11 February 2019
    Late registration: Ends Monday 6 May 2019

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