• Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

      Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

  • 14th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

    The 14th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference was held at Oxford Brookes University Business School, Headington Campus, Clerici Building, Clerici Learning Studio, on Thursday 18th January 2018.

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    Our keynote speaker wasDr. Robert Wegener, Co-Director of the Coaching Studies FHNW (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland). Since 2010, Robert has organized the International Coaching Conference “Coaching meets Research” (www.coaching-meets-research.ch). This conference aims to bring together best research and best coaching practice in order to promote the dialog of science and practice. Furthermore, Robert has written his PhD on “Meaningful Moments in Coaching” and has co-edited a series of coaching research books (e.g. Coaching-Prozessforschung (in press.), Coaching und Gesellschaft, Coaching-Praxisfelder, Bewertung von Coachingprozessen. Finally, yet importantly, Robert’s great passion is teaching various coaching classes and being a professional coach, since 2012.

    Keynote introduction and talk by Dr. Robert Wegener

    Over the past 30 years, coaching has been growing in use and significance. Nowadays, coaching is part of almost every leadership development programme, as well as human resource development in general. In addition to its origins in business and sports, coaching has also become important in almost any sector of society. For example, as an instrument for efficient work integration and a tool for promoting healthy life styles, coaching has seen an impressive evolution, and it seems that it can actually deliver useful answers to relevant contemporary challenges of modern society. Coaching Research has followed this development. Particularly since the turn of the millennium, research on the effectiveness of coaching has significantly gained importance. Without any doubt, such outcome-focused research is crucial for an evolving profession or professional activity, such as coaching. And it seems that coaching actually works!

    For this reason, the questions 1) what happens in successful coaching sessions and 2) what are the success factors that make coaching effective are becoming more relevant. It really matters to know how and why coaching works. This in regards to the questions what coaching actually is, how it can be taught and improved, as well as what distinguishes good from excellent or from poor coaching. In this keynote, Dr. Robert Wegener presented a critical analysis of the current coaching research, followed by the presentation of a new framework for future coaching research, focusing on coaching as a process.

    This one-day annual conference showcases research conducted by Masters and Doctoral students in the Centre. The focus is on research methodologies and findings and how research can contribute to better practice in the field. The conference is of interest to all practitioners, academics and students of coaching and mentoring. It attracts a wide variety of practitioners and researchers and hosts internationally acclaimed coaches and coaching researchers as Key Note speakers.

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