• Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

      Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

  • 15th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

    Thursday, 17 January 2019 at 9.15 am, Oxford Brookes University, Clerici Building, Clerici Learning Studio, Headington

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    This one-day annual conference showcased research conducted by Masters and Doctoral students in the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies, as well as guest speakers from other Universities. The focus was on research methodologies and findings and how research can contribute to better practice in the field.

    This conference is of interest to all practitioners, academics and students of coaching and mentoring. Every year it attracts a wide variety of practitioners and researchers and hosts internationally acclaimed coaches and coaching researchers as keynote speakers.

    Dr Nicky Terblanche

    Dr. Nicky Terblanche is a senior lecturer, researcher and research supervisor on the MBA, MPhil Coaching and PhD programmes at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), South Africa. His academic interests include both business coaching and information systems. He also runs an executive and business coaching practice and consults as an IT architect. He holds an MPhil in Management Coaching, MScEng in electronic engineering and a PhD in Business Management from the University of Stellenbosch

    His research interests include transition coaching, transformative learning, social network analysis, complexity theory and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in coaching and management. He has published in a number of academic journals and presented at a number of international conferences.

    The Robots are coming! Meet Vicci, a coaching chatbot in the making

    The digital era or ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is impacting humanity on a scale not seen before. Numerous aspects of the socio economic ecosystem are impacted including industry, society, government and ethics. Coaching (in an organisational context) as an emerging profession and academic discipline is no exception. With the ubiquity and advantages of technology, it should come as no surprise that coaches and their clients are employing technology in the practice of coaching. The use of technology in coaching spans many areas including the marketing and procurement of coaching services, the archiving of coaching session artefacts, the administration surrounding coaching interventions and as a communication medium in the execution of a coaching session. In all these examples, the coaching is still performed by an actual human coach, with technology playing a supporting role.

    Enter Vicci, a coaching chatbot I am busy developing. Vicci is an autonomous entity built on a chatbot platform that coaches people on reaching their goals. In this early stage research, I would like to share with you details of the underlying technology and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the helping professions. My aim is to dispel misconceptions about the current abilities of AI, as well as to speculate on future prospects for coaching. Vicci will join us to show off its current capabilities.

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