Doctoral students' research

  • Our research - phd 700 x 430
  • Physicality in the coaching process
    Peter Jackson (supervised Dr. Elaine Cox and Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova)

    Feedback for development
    Alison Maxwell (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Juliette Konning)

    Coaching for mindful action
    James Pritchard (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Karen Handley)

    How is coaching perceived by leaders engaged in global talent management and leadership development programme?
    Karine Mangion (supervised by Dr Judie Gannon and Dr Nick Wiley)

    Coaching in shared critical moments of medical consultations in the context of complex conditions
    Nicole Pillinger (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Kate Morgaine

    Bonnie Chan - How can a presence based coaching model be adapted for use with business leaders in China? (supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Anna Klenert - Developing female leadership in Zambia through coaching (supervised by Dr Juliette Koning and Dr Adrian Myers)

    Iain Lightfoot - Exploring the factors leading to self discovery in coaching moments: a discourse analysis (supervised by Dr Adrian Myers and Dr Ivan Mitchell)

    Colin Norris - Mimetic effect in mentoring Baptist ministers (supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Judie Gannon)

    Nikki Streatfield – An exploration of the career outcomes of international assignees to inform coaching research and practice (supervised by Dr Juliette Koning and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Shirley Thompson - How does practising as a coach develop project managers' soft skills? (supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Adrian Myers)

    Franklin Vrede – Coaching as a learning and development intervention for non-executive directors: experiences, meanings and practices in use (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Ivan Mitchell)

    Helene Seiler (Supervised by Dr Chris Ehrlich and Dr Adrian Myers)

    Dionne Spencer (Supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Judie Gannon)

    Raj Patel (Supervised by Elaine Cox  and Dr Jan Harwell)

    Cyril Legrand  (Supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Jo Miles (Tatiana Bachkirova  Ioanna + Dr Peter Jackson)

    Ana Nacif (Supervised by Dr Ioanna Iordanou and Dr Judie Gannon)

    Pat O'Leary     (Supervised by Dr Judie Gannon and Dr Adrian Myers)

    Sue Round      (Supervised by Prof Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Elaine Cox)

    Gina Kostoulias (Supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Peter Jackson)

    Kay Weijers (Supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Adrian Myers

    Saba Imru-Matieu(Supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Sally Bonneywell (2013-2017)
    Thesis Title: Exploring the experience of female leaders’ participation in both individual and group coaching in a global organisation (supervised by Dr Judie Gannon, Dr Adrian Myers and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Cathy Evans (2014-2018)
    Thesis Title: How can formal, virtual mentoring support dispersed education practitioners in their professional development? A case study with paid mentors in a third sector organisation. (supervised by Dr Judie Gannon and Dr Sylwia Ciuk)

    Suzanne Fontannaz (2014-2018)
    Thesis Title: The role of coaching in supporting team leader development (supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Ioanna Iordanou)

    Jacki McCartney (2014-2018)
    Thesis Title: How does poetry deliver results for reflexive coaching practice (supervised by Dr Louise Grisoni and Dr Judie Gannon)

    Roger Noon (2014-2018) 
    Thesis Title: Exploring the role of presence in executive coaching (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Adrian Myers)

    Louise Sheppard (2013-2017)
    Thesis Title: Being a supervisee: How supervisees can enhance the value of their coaching supervision (supervised by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Ivan Mitchell)

    Sonia Watlal (2013-2017)
    Thesis Title: How can goal focused coaching be used to facilitate cross-cultural management practices in the United Arab Emirates private sector workplace? (supervised by Dr Elaine Cox and Dr Jan Harwell)

    Dr Ian Scott (2012 - 2016)
    Thesis Title: Coaching for Gravitas: An Action Research Inquiry into the Development of Gravitas in Leadership

    Dr Hany Shoukry (PhD 2009-2013) 
    Coaching for Emancipation: A Framework for Coaching in Oppressive Environments

    Dr Joan Reid (2008 - 2011) 
    Thesis Title: Medical careers and coaching

    Dr Rhianon Washington (DCM 2009 - 2012) 
    Thesis Title: How does a developmental relationship mentoring model affect toxicity experienced in mentoring relationships?

    Dr Liz Westcott (2010 – 2013) 
    Thesis Title: The role of coaching in the development of nurse managers

    Dr Anwen Edwards (2010 – 2013) 
    Thesis Title: An exploration of targeted matching in mentoring

    Dr Jill Andreanoff (DCM 2012-2015) 
    Thesis Title: In what ways does peer coaching contribute to the academic attainment of higher education students? 
    Jill Andreanoff

    Dr Richard Sale (DCM 2008–2015) 
    Thesis Title: The coaching relationship: towards a conceptual framework 

    Dr Adrian Myers (PhD 2010-2004) 
    Thesis Title: A multiple perspective analysis of a coaching session 
    Brookes staff

    Dr Tina Salter (DCM 2009 – 2012) 
    Thesis Title: A Comparison of Mentor and Coach Approaches Across Disciplines 
    Tina Salter

    Dr Leigh Longhurst (PhD 2003 – 2010) 
    Thesis Title: The Transformational Potential of Aha Moments in Life Coaching and Beyond. 
    Leigh Longhurst

    Dr Shaun Davis (DCM 2012-2015) 
    Thesis Title: Coaching, well-being and organisational culture: A case study of the Executive Leadership Development Programme (EDLP) in Royal Mail (UK)  
    Shaun Davis  

    Dr Colleen Harding (DCM 2007 – 2011) 
    Thesis Title: From Alignment to Emergent Academic: the role of coaching and mentoring in supporting the development of academic staff in a post-1992 university 
    Colleen Harding

    Dr Charles Jones (DCM 2009 – 2012) 
    Thesis Title: Choosing your Coach: What Matters and When? 
    An Interpretative Phenomenological exploration of the voice of the coachee 
    Charles Jones

    Dr Paula De Valle (DCM 2011 – 2014) 
    Thesis Title: An exploration of executive women’s experiences of coaching and mentoring: an  Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis study 
    Paula De Valle

    Dr Sally Worth (DCM 2007 – 2011) 
    Thesis Title: An exploration of coaching women towards authenticity in the workplace: A heuristic study with women in academia 
    Sally Worth