• OxINMAHR_logo skyline
  • OxINMAHR is a Faculty-wide Research Institute which comprises a number of research centres and research groups.

    We are a community of scholars who share a passion to identify, examine and implement best quality health care within our areas of expertise. Whilst we span various disciplines, our common goal is to produce world-class collaborative health care research.

    The aims of the Institute are to:

    • Build a community of inter-disciplinary scholars linked by a common goal to produce world-class health and social care research.
    • Produce high quality research which aligns with National Health Service, National Institute of Health Research, Government and International health and social care priorities.
    • Develop research capacity within and across professions, disciplines and departments.
    • Facilitate collaboration and integration of areas of research to maximise impact.
    • Provide a mentorship and performance development framework for senior active researchers in health and social care research.
    • Establish operational and governance structures to shape strategic priorities, report on activity and provide a central conduit for key external partners.
    • Provide strategic advice to the Faculty Executive Team on the development of Health Research in partnership with the Oxford Academic Health Science Centre.
  • Our research

    Our three key areas of research activity are:

    • Collaboration: We work with a range of NHS, government, charity, public and industry partners to leverage national and international support. We partner with the public to identify and develop shared research projects and activities.
    • Dissemination: We share our current research findings in a number of ways including: academic publications; seminars; invitational lectures; conferences; public events and social media. Our focus is on how our research impacts practice and policy, and where future research should be directed.
    • Education and Training: We support the development of practitioners and academic staff to become high quality researchers. Our research development opportunities are open to a wide range of disciplines and include secondments, clinical and visiting academic fellowships and a variety of doctoral programmes.

    We undertake multi-disciplinary and collaborative research (across professional groups and scientific disciplines) to generate new and impactful knowledge. Each research centre below is underpinned by strong research teams underpinned by distinct research themes.