• Oxford Institute of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Research
  • OxINMAHR is a Faculty-wide Research Institute which comprises a community of scholars who share a passion to identify, examine and implement best quality health care within our areas of expertise.

    Whilst we span various disciplines, our common goal is to produce world-class collaborative health care research.

    The aims of the Institute are to:

    • Build a community of inter-disciplinary scholars linked by a common goal to produce world-class health and social care research.
    • Produce high quality research which aligns with National Health Service, National Institute of Health Research, Government and International health and social care priorities.
    • Develop research capacity within and across professions, disciplines and departments.
    • Facilitate collaboration and integration of areas of research to maximise impact.
    • Provide a mentorship and performance development framework for senior active researchers in health and social care research.
    • Provide operational and governance structures to monitor performance against strategic priorities.
    • To be a central conduit for building key national and international research collaborations.
  • Our areas of established research excellence:

    Movement and Rehabilitation research group (MOReS) (led by Professor Helen Dawes) – internationally recognised for their research on how exercise and physical activity is delivered for people with long-term neurological conditions.

    The Supportive Cancer Care research group (led by Professor Eila Watson) – internationally recognised as a leading group in cancer survivorship research.

    The Children and Families research group (led by Professor Jane Appleton) – internationally recognised for their research on child and family health, with particular expertise in child and young people safeguarding.

    The Prevention Science research group (led by Professor David Foxcroft) – internationally recognised for their research into the causes, consequences, and prevention of poor physical and mental health.

    Our research centres

    Our research centres (below) incorporate a number of research groups and it is common for individual researchers to belong to several groups. This reflects our philosophy that many areas of health research require a multi-disciplinary approach. We also believe that this mixing of senior and junior researchers from different disciplines enables comprehensive health research development and maximises potential impact of our work.