Nocturnal Primate Research Group (NPRG)

About us

Established in 1993, the Nocturnal Primate Research Group (NPRG) provides an international forum for coordination of research on nocturnal primates. Research involves nocturnal and cathemeral [day-and-night active] primates from South America, Africa, Madagascar and Asia, using innovative techniques.

We operate long-term field studies in Madagascar and in Java, Indonesia with associated conservation initiatives, including the Slow Loris Charity. The NPRG has developed a widespread network of collaborative links with academic institutions, conservation NGOs, enforcement agencies, wildlife societies, zoological museums and zoos.

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Thick-tailed galago in South Africa

Research impact

Little Fireface Project mascot slow loris spreading awareness to villagers in Java, Indonesia

We help to determine the distribution and status of some of the most neglected species and to indicate the condition of declining habitats. We have named six new species and elevated several others from subspecific status. Our work on Asian lorises via the Little Fireface Project has led to important legislative changes regarding the keeping of lorises as pets, managing them in captivity, and improving international awareness of illegal trade.

Our library of sounds has helped researchers identify galago species across Africa. Our innovative conservation education programmes have helped to inspire youth in Madagascar and Asia to conserve nocturnal primates. Our work regularly appears in the media, including major BBC documentaries.


Anna Nekaris

Professor Anna Nekaris

Professor in Primate Conservation

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Name Thesis Title Supervisors Completed
Bethany Watkins Beneath the moon and under the sun: what the navigational strategies of Eulemur collaris can tell us about the evolution of higher cognition Dr Giuseppe Donati, Dr Magdalena Svensson