Long service recognition

From April 2018, colleagues who achieve significant durations of service with Oxford Brookes University or its predecessors will be recognised formally by the University by means of a financial gift:

  • £50 on completion of 10 years’ service
  • £75 on completion of 15 years’ service
  • £100 on completion of 20 years’ service

Staff who achieve 25 years’ service will receive a payment of £225 or a gift (which must be a tangible article) of equivalent value. Note: under HRMC rules, payments are subject to tax and National Insurance. Where members of staff opt to receive a payment the actual amount that they receive will therefore be reduced by the relevant tax and National Insurance deductions.

The University will also provide £120 towards the cost of a celebration on reaching 25 years’ service. The celebration can be formal or informal and may take place within or outside the University. Receipts must be kept for reimbursement.

Colleagues will receive a personal congratulatory note from their PVC Dean or Director; or, for those reaching 25 years’ service, a note from the Vice-Chancellor.

An annual event will also take place to recognise staff who have achieved 25 years of service.

We are proud that we are able to offer financial recognition as a thank you to colleagues who have served the University for substantial periods of time.  This is just one of the ways Oxford Brookes supports the staff experience. See also the staff recognition on the staff experience web pages.


In July/August each year a list is sent by the HR Directorate to PVC Deans and Directors of those colleagues who will complete 10, 15 or 20 years of continuous service during the next 12 months. This enables PVC Deans and Directors to congratulate the staff member when they reach the anniversary.

HR and Payroll will arrange for the awards to be paid with the salary as follows:  November to January is paid in January, February to April would be paid in April and May to July is paid in July,  August to October is paid in October, charged to the same code as the salary. 

Faculties/directorates are responsible for sending a congratulatory note to the staff member.

HR will continue to notify VCG and faculties and directorates of any colleagues who are approaching their 25-year anniversary. Staff members will receive a letter from the vice-chancellor and will be asked to let HR know whether they would like a gift or a payment, providing receipts as required. HR will arrange for the appropriate payment/reimbursement to be made through the Finance directorate.

Updated March 2021