Skills test

The use of skills tests can provide additional supporting evidence in the selection process, as they are designed to test actual skills required for the role. Skills tests can take many formats including:

  • presentation on a pre-determined topic relevant to the role
  • asking a chef to cook a meal
  • requiring an electrician to either undertake a repair or talk through how they would undertake a repair
  • drafting an email response to a student for a programme administrator
  • excel calculations for finance candidates.
  • word processing notes into a letter format
  • delivering a training session
  • giving a presentation
  • diagnosing an electrical fault
  • using an excel spreadsheet to produce data
  • proofreading a document
  • literacy/numeracy tests
  • delivering a teaching session.

The HR recruitment team will be able to provide further advice and information on skills tests.

Please note, applicants will need to be advised that they will be asked to complete a skills test at the time of inviting to interview. HR will also ask candidates if they require any adjustments due to disability.