The recruitment timeline

To initiate the recruitment process the recruiting manager should complete a staff request through the Staff HR Portal on CoreHR.


  • Your Faculty or Directorate may have designated staff who raise all staff requests.
  • Faculties/Directorates may have their own processes to follow prior to raising the staff request, e.g. discussion and sign off at a Faculty/Directorate senior management meeting.)

The recruiting manager with advice from the HR recruitment team, will determine the period for advertising and the recruitment timetable.

As general guidance:

  • most professional service roles are advertised for 2 weeks.
  • most academic roles and senior staff are advertised for 28 days.

Note: If there is a possibility that your vacancy may not be filled by a candidate resident in the UK or European Economic Area, the role must be advertised for 28 calendar days to enable the University to provide a Certificate of Sponsorship for any successful international candidates - see the managers immigration guidance for sponsoring Tier 2 workers.

When planning the recruitment process, the recruiting manager will also need to be aware that normally all roles will be referred to the Redeployment Panel before advertising. Please see Redundancy policy.

Mindful of the above considerations, the recruitment timetable should include:

  • target advertising week (whilst HR will endeavour to advertise as quickly as possible, there may on occasions be a slight delay especially at busy times eg. prior to the new academic year.
  • length of time advertised and suggested closing date.
  • date for shortlisting (applications are normally available xxx after the closing date).
  • date for return of shortlisting to allow sufficient time to send invites and given shortlisted candidates time to organise travel etc, and prepare.
  • date of interview - ideally this should be included in the advertisement.

Sufficient time should be allowed to complete each stage of the procedure efficiently and effectively.