Inclusive teaching

Inclusive Practice Benchmarking Tool

In order to meet the University’s legal obligations (The Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty) and to maintain pedagogical practices at the leading edge of the sector, the University must ensure learning, teaching and assessment practices promote inclusive curricula, eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between groups who share a characteristic and those who do not.   

OCAED devised the Inclusive Practice Benchmarking Tool to support programme leaders engage their teams on benchmarking their current practices and to discuss and co-construct enhancements to programme practices to ensure all our graduates have an enhanced and accessible learning experience. Outcomes and actions from the benchmarking tool can also be documented as part of the quality processes, such as annual and periodic reviews and programme approval.  

Inclusive practice benchmarking tool briefing events for programme leaders is dedicated time to identify how to facilitate using the tool with teams as well as highlight where to locate resources to support subsequent action plans.