IT training

  • Knowing how to use programmes like Google Suite, Word, and Excel efficiently can save a lot of time when studying, as well as being valuable transferable skills in the workplace.

    Our top tips

    IT essentials

    The IT webpages have introductions to using all the main software and services you need at Brookes, such as Google Apps, the printing system and accessing the wifi.

    IT training

    If you’d like to use a specific programme like Endnote or Excel more effectively, look at the A-Z of IT training for courses and online self-training guides.

    Digital capabilities

    Do this short Moodle course created for Brookes students showing you how you can make the best use of digital tools for study, employment, and life, without being overwhelmed or compromised by them:


    The IT service run training courses on this popular statistics package. There are also specially selected materials and videos to teach yourself.

    Google it

    Stuck with how to do something, like automatically create a contents page for your dissertation in Word? Try Googling your question and you will most likely find an answer and helpful instructional video online.

    Further resources

    If you’d like to find out more about various digital tools and apps, or read more about the current state of the digital world, see this resource and book list created by Brookes Library: