Living costs

At Oxford Brookes we’re always trying to find ways to help you with costs.

You’ve probably seen stories in the media about the increased cost of living and may have some concerns. But don’t worry, the information on this page will help you to plan and budget for a full student life.

If you would like to talk to us to ensure that you are getting the maximum financial support available to you, or you would like some budgeting, or benefits advice, please do talk to or SMAs. Send them a message to and they will be happy to help

Weekly spending

Your living expenses will depend on a variety of things, including your accommodation choices and lifestyle.

These figures take into account the amount of money that most students spend on:

Total spending

  • Total weekly expenditure: £329 to £410
  • Total per year (38 weeks): £12,502 to £15,580
  • Total per year (52 week course, e.g. postgraduate study): £17,180 to £21,320



Piggy bank

Managing your money can seem like a challenging task. However, there is lots of free information available to support you in creating your weekly budget.

Broadcaster Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert has a helpful student budgeting planner that includes a free downloadable template to manage your weekly finances.


Discount card

One of the perks to being a student is the range of discounts with top brands and local services to support your weekly purchases.

Help when you need it


The University’s Student Money Advice team ( can support you support you in managing your money to make it go further, and with advice about funding your studies.

Your money


Three students in their accommodation kitchen

Whether you’re in halls of residence or private accommodation, there are ways to manage your money.


Two students preparing food in a kitchen

You may notice that food prices have risen since the global pandemic but don't worry there are ways to save money.


Brookes bus

Oxford is a city that’s easy to get around. You can enjoy what Oxford has to offer by foot, bike or public transport.

Part-time jobs

For a large number of students having a part-time job is the way they supplement their student loan and parents' contribution while at university, and it’s a great opportunity to earn extra money. 

Getting a part-time job while studying is a great opportunity to earn extra money, as well as learn new skills and make new friends.

Catrin, one of our students, discusses part-time work opportunities in Oxford. Watch until the end to hear her top tips for finding and securing part-time work.

The Oxford Brookes part-time jobs portal has lots of information and resources to help you find a part-time job that fits in with your studies.

We also have a variety of paid roles for students on campus. One of the most popular is the Student Ambassador role, where you can join a large team of fellow students who support us at Open Days and large external education fairs. As well as other paid roles for Oxford Brookes students throughout the year.

Our students tell us they rely on seasonal work, such as at Christmas, Easter, and also summer work, which helps with their budget throughout the year. Working over the summer when you may have nearly 3 months away from university is a great opportunity to build up funds.  Students with less time away from study in the summer can consider other opportunities, such as bank work for nursing students.

Social life

University life involves lots of work but plenty of play too! 

During your time at Oxford Brookes you will meet new people and make life-long friendships. Fun activities with friends can cost money but there are plenty of free or low-cost things you can do, from live music and exhibitions to walks around some of the university parks and picnics by the river.

Daily Info is a local website that lists all of the exciting events and activities happening across Oxford. The good news is that many of these activities are free to attend. Get out and about, and explore what the city has to offer.

Modern Art Oxford

Helping your money go further

We recently launched support measures to help students with cost of living pressures. This includes an increased budget for our Financial Aid packages, and plans to protect students in halls of residence from the rising costs of utilities.

That’s not all, to help with costs, when you’re on campus you’ll find:

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