• Public transport

    Individuals travelling to the University’s sites are encouraged, where possible, to use public transport. If visitors are driving to Oxford, we recommend they use the various Park & Ride services which operate throughout the city.

    The U1 Brookes Bus service operates between the Headington, Harcourt and Wheatley campuses, stopping at the various points along the way. Stops also include the Oxford City Centre, Oxford Train station and just outside the Thornhill and Seacourt Park and Rides car parks.

    In addition, all the University’s Oxford campuses and halls of residences are linked by the BROOKESbus services.

    Limited on-site parking

    Staff, students and visitors wishing to travel to Oxford Brookes by car are able to park on-site, but spaces are very limited. Staff and students are required to have a parking permit and visitors must have a pre-booked parking space (Booked by the staff member/ department they are visiting).

    Please be aware that any student living in halls of residence is not permitted to bring a vehicle to Oxford. Students not living in halls can apply for a car parking permit for the Harcourt, Swindon or Wheatley campus only.

    Virtual parking permit system

    Oxford BROOKES university operates a virtual permit system for staff and students, linked to their vehicle registration. Parking permits will be required for parking during peak hours.

    During peak hours (7.00am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday), a daily charge will need to be paid at the ‘pay and display’ style machines at all sites, although a ticket will not need to be displayed.

    Staff and students

    Staff and students should apply for their parking permit here. This will cost £10 per year and is based on eligibility criteria as detailed on the frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages. A daily charge will then apply each day parked on-site.

    For staff and students that do not travel to work by car every day, it is likely that they will save money. For most users, the overall cost of permit and daily charge will be similar to a current parking permit and savings can be achieved by those who choose to car-share, are able to work from home or who park for fewer days per week.


    Visitors will continue to need to have a space pre-booked if they are to park on-site, booked by a member of Oxford Brookes staff on the visitor parking portal.

    Outside of peak hours (4.30pm - 7.00am Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays) any member of the public may park on-site without a pre-booked space by paying the appropriate charge. Staff and students with a valid permit can park during these times without paying a fee.

    More information about how the current system works and how the new permit system might affect staff, students and visitors, can be found in the relevant pages below. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) page also provides answers to some common questions.

    Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicle charge points are located outside the Drama studio at Headington Hill hall car park and outside A block at the Wheatley Campus.

    Please note that HMRC views the University’s provision of free-of-charge electricity via its charging points as a benefit in kind to the user, the value of the benefit being the cost to the University of the electricity used for charging. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to report to HMRC the value of electricity used.

    The average cost per KwH is currently 16p. As this is an average cost (based on cost per use) this figure could change at any time; please check before filling in your tax return.