New partner approval

The partnership approval process is the means by which the University establishes the market demand, strategic fit and financial viability for a proposed new collaborative arrangement, and satisfies itself that a proposed new partner:

  • is in good financial health and has the appropriate legal standing to enter into the proposed partnership
  • has an educational ethos that is consistent with the University’s strategic priorities
  • has in place an appropriate governance framework for maintaining academic standards and quality, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • has the facilities and resources to provide a high quality higher education learning environment
  • has the ability to market the programme appropriately

Approval for entering into new collaborative partnerships must be sought from the Learning Partnerships Advisory Group (LPAG). The terms of reference and membership, and meeting dates, are available via the Governance Hub. The committee meets approximately six times per year, and the executive authority for decision-making rests with the Chair (via a delegation from the Vice-Chancellor), who acts on the advice of the members of the Group. LPAG receives an annual report on the financial performance of all current partnerships, including the outcomes of refreshed financial due diligence enquiries; and provides an annual report on its activities to the Academic Board and the Board of Governors.

Project teams should work with their Faculty link Quality Assurance Officer to ensure that new partnership proposals - or proposals to extend the scope of arrangements with existing partners - are prepared for LPAG approval in sufficient time to allow for the further detailed development of the proposed arrangements and completion of the academic approval process, before the first intake of students.