Black History Month

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  • Black History Month 2020

    Oxford Brookes is proud to be part of the annual celebration of Black History Month, joining universities, schools, local authorities, voluntary organisations and employers, with a programme of events and activities to highlight the history and achievements of BAME communities and perspectives on BAME inclusion.

    This year's events will all be streamed live on Zoom.

  • Past events

    • Kick-off celebration

      2 October 2020, 6pm

      Kick-off celebration
      Oxford Brookes University kicks off with an artistic cultural performance in collaboration with Kuumbia Nia Arts, Unlock the chains collective and Euton Daley MBE.

    • Black History Month Quiz

      7 October 2020, 6pm

      Black History Month Quiz
      From Black inventions to Black music, it's time to put your knowledge to the test!

    • Be Visible, Be Confident Brunch Workshop

      9 October 2020, 12pm

      Be Visible, Be Confident
      In 2019 Louisa founded BAME to Boardroom in order to follow her passion for working with businesses to develop Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) talent into leadership roles; building confident, focused, high performing, and diverse teams, which in turn impact on organisational culture.

    • Beyond Black History Month: A Conversation on Race

      13 October 2020, 6pm

      Beyond Black History Month
      Beyond Black History Month aims to bridge the gap of conceptual ideas on diversifying Oxford Brookes University to providing real and definitive methods of creating actions on the following topics discussed.

    • Lunchtime Showcase

      14 October 2020, 12pm

      Lunchtime Showcase
      This year we will be sharing projects, research, initiatives and community engagement activity.

    • AfroFusion Dance Class

      19 October 2020, 6pm

      AfroFusion Dance Class
      Join Zulum to learn the basic principles of African dance mixed with hip hop in this fun and energetic Afro-fusion dance class that will show you how to lengthen your body and extend your capabilities.

    • Making Money Work

      28 October 2020, 6pm

      Making Money Work
      The aim of this event is to create and enhance knowledge in personal finance using banking strategies and communicating new channels for students, staff and alumni of diverse backgrounds.

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    Download the Black History Month 2018 Programme (PDF) »


    This year marks the 50th year of race legislation in this country. This event will focus on the journey that the UK and race relations have taken. There are some commentaries that indicates that the UK has become post racial, this event will focus on the future of race relations in the UK as well as understanding the intersectionality that interacts with race. Rob Berkeley, writer and activist has focused his work on equality and justice. In particular the areas of race/ethnicity, LGBT rights, and the intersections between the two.

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