BAME Staff Network

  • Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network

    We are the Oxford Brookes Black, Asian, and Other Minorities Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network. Our network was launched to support the concerns and needs of both academic and professional staff from diverse groups within the university. Our aim is to provide a forum for us to connect, socialise and support one another on all issues relevant to our communities. Working closely with Brookes' EDI team, we actively promote issues of race equality and diversity across the university, offering a forum for consultation amongst our members while acting as a respected conduit, communicating all BAME-related issues to the university.

    Our network meets approximately once a month, giving members a chance to network with one another and voice their opinions. Our committee meets at regular intervals to develop the network and to act on issues raised by its members. Ultimately, we're here to Inspire, Inform and Influence all of our members to Be Ambitious and Model Excellence.

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  • Our objectives

    • To create a culturally diverse and inclusive university across all faculties and professional services
    • To promote race equality through active involvement and consultation, with members from across the university, providing opportunities to inform and influence the university's policies and practices about BAME staff
    • To provide a safe environment for BAME members to let their voices be heard and share their experiences
    • To help create opportunities across the university for our members, supporting our members in their career development goals while providing pathways to encourage our members to apply for higher grades.

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  • Roles within the network

    Nina Epellé

    Nina Epellé

    Campaigns Manager

    Chair, BAME Staff Network


    Nina is a senior marketing consultant with a wealth of experience working in both private and non-profit industries. Prior to joining Brookes, Nina led numerous teams at a London-based creative marketing agency, helping global clients connect with their audiences through top-performing, multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

    With a strong focus on maximising business profitability, Nina holds master’s degrees in Ecommerce (UCL) and Major Programme Management (Oxon). She is a powerful digital technologies champion and has a sustained interest in helping people and organisations achieve their greatest potential through mentoring and business coaching.

    Nina brings her extensive communications experience and digital marketing passions to the BAME Network. She is committed to helping the network improve its profile, extend its reach, and exercise the power of its collective voice. She hopes the network will continue to be a powerful beacon that shines a light on the accomplishments and successes of our BAME colleagues.


    Position vacant

    Marketing and Communications Officer

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