• Staff development
  • Development

    At Oxford Brookes we value our employees’ professional development, and as such sector relevant conferences, skills training and knowledge sharing are a priority to us. Here is a selection of the activities Oxford Brookes employees can undertake.

  • Developing your skills

    We encourage excellence and confidence through our staff training and development programme, which is run by in-house team of experts: The Oxford Centre for Staff Learning and Development (OCSLD). OCSLD is one of the UK’s largest and most established providers of staff and educational development for further and higher education.

    The OCSLD team draws upon a wide range of skills and specialisms to support training and development at the University, faculty, directorate and individual level. Its mission is to support the University through the provision of high quality internal and external staff and educational development.

    Discover the next step in your development on the OCSLD webpages.

  • Santander Staff Development Grant

    The Santander Staff Development Grant of up to £2,000 supports non-academic staff in undertaking personal development as part of their career and role development. The grant also supports staff that would not normally get an opportunity to undertake personal development outside of the UK in order to further their international perspective.

    The types of activity that the grant supports may include conferences, workshops, exploring best practice universities/institutions or shadowing related staff in universities/institutions.

    For more information on how to apply, visit the Santander staff awards and grants webpages.

    Everything I learned on my trip enabled me to see opportunities for us at Brookes, or helped me to look at our University with a completely fresh pair of eyes. I came back to Brookes feeling really excited about what I had learned and I’ve had some really useful conversations already about new or different ways that we can do things here. I’d recommend anyone thinking about their development for the coming year to consider a Santander scholarship. It’s a fantastic opportunity.

    Anna Myers,

    recipient of a Non-academic Staff Development Grant, who visited Maryland University in the USA to find out more about their approach to the student experience
  • Encouraging social enterprise

    Whilst working at Brookes you can also join OBSEA - a national award-winning programme for staff, students and recent graduates (up to a year) - who wish to set up and run a social enterprise.

    This has opened up for me a possible career that is very much related to and rooted in what I love doing. I feel like I have a responsibility now which I didn’t have before, because once you recognise that there is something wrong, or a space or a gap, it is incumbent on you to step up and fill it and actually be the person who makes the change.

    Kirini Kopcke,

    OBSEA Award Winner

    The fundamental concept for social entrepreneurship is to develop a solution which is business-based and therefore has the potential to be sustainable. When participants get together on the programme, whether with each other, expert speakers or mentors, enthusiasm is contagious and ideas flow. Explore the programme on the OBSEA webpages.