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    Be a force for good at Brookes.

    Science has shown that we can get as much out of volunteering as those we are helping out.

    Whether you’re keen to support a particular cause, feel closer to your community, find new friends, reduce stress, learn new skills or advance your career; volunteering is a great place to start!

    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

    Dr. Seuss

    Individual and team volunteering policy

    If you are interested in volunteering during working hours you can get up to two days of volunteering leave through the University’s Staff Volunteering Policy.

    The University is equally willing to consider applications from individual employees and from groups or teams of staff who wish to undertake a joint volunteering activity.

    Where the volunteering activity is undertaken as a team building event, staff will not be expected to match a day’s volunteering with a day’s leave of their own.

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    Staff volunteering project and current opportunities

    As part of the staff experience programme, a staff volunteering project is being developed, led by Anne-Marie Kilday. This project aims to make volunteering at Brookes and in the community easier by exploring integration in team away days, a dedicated staff volunteering platform and an annual volunteering campaign.

    For updates and current volunteering opportunities at Brookes, please keep an eye out in Onstream.

    External opportunities can be found on the new Oxfordshire-wide volunteering website.

    Case study

    As a team we have been involved with a range of community volunteering days, from our annual day of gardening at the Sobell House, a local charity which provides palliative care and support, to a litter pick in the local community.

    Volunteering has a wide range of benefits; it has a direct impact on the charities we support who often fully rely on volunteers, staff get the feel good factor of doing something worthwhile which boosts morale and is great for team building, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re raising the profile of Brookes in the community.

    Pete Toomer, Head of the Accommodation Bureau
    volunteering day case study

    Share your stories

    Are you or your team involved with volunteering at Brookes? We’d love to hear your stories!

    Please contact Wendy Vrij, CSR Engagement Officer, if you’re happy to share your story with colleagues across the University.