Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Oxford Brookes

This page provides you with guides to help you use the Moodle VLE for teaching.

The essential top ten was informed by ensuring the accessibility of Moodle content and includes responses to frequently-asked questions of teaching staff when building Moodle courses. The resources that follow have been aligned with the four features that all Oxford Brookes courses aim to showcase - consistency, coherence, community and (student) choice. 

The Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development has worked with Digital Services and IT Services to curate this page of essential top ten questions and the other resources and links. Instructions on how to get started in Moodle can be found on TEL Support at Brookes and by contacting your Faculty DMeLD or

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Top ten essential Moodle at Oxford Brookes

1. Choose a good course format.

2. Follow this recommended structure to ensure consistency of formatting.

3. Use Headings and Subheadings make a Moodle course easier to navigate.

4. Reduce scrolling by using Page resources and Moodle Books.

5. Increase interactive content.

6. Include course team images with general biographies, including research interests.

7. Add a Social Forum for Q&A and informal discussion.

8. Use Imagery.

9. Include Colour.

10. Be aware of accessibility concerns and guidance for web-content.