Padlet at Oxford Brookes

This page provides you with guides to help you use Padlet for teaching. From this page you can apply for your Oxford Brookes Padlet licence. Once you have a licence you can create an unlimited number of Padlets and manage them in folders. Outlined below are the essentials for getting started with Padlet at Oxford Brookes.

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Making the most of Padlet in your teaching

  • Support engagement before a session by posing a question on a Padlet and ask students to respond, for example in relation to some pre-reading or other pre-work.
  • Run a class blog; for sharing research, feedback, or questions about an assignment.
  • Create an anonymous Q&A forum for students
  • Present a group portfolio; students post their work in progress for peer review eg. Moodboard.
  • Initiate a group exercise; teams are given different themes to research and record their findings on a Padlet.
  • Capture students' learning or questions after a class.