Cheney Gatehouse

Cheney Lane, Headington, Oxford OX3 0BD


  •  Location:  Headington Campus
  •  Beds: 20 study bedrooms in flats of 10 (18 single, 2 double)
  •  Bathroom: shared bathrooms (4 per flat)
  •  Contract: 50 week contract
  •  Costs: £159.04 - £161.50 per week (single room)
  •  Costs: £190.02 per week (double room)
  •  Facilities: laundry facilities
  •  Bicycle storage: bike storage
  •  Common room: TV
  •  Hall office: Yes
  •  Available to: Current students only (2nd year onwards)

The Cheney Gatehouse is on the Cheney Student Village site which also houses 750 first year students. The first year en suite flats will be in separate blocks to the current students in the Gatehouse. 

Cheney Gatehouse single room


Academic year 2022/23

  • Standard Single Study Bedrooms (rooms E-K): £159.04 per week

  • Large Single Study Bedrooms (rooms A-C): £161.50 per week
  • Double study bedrooms for couples (rooms D): £190.02 per week (please contact to book a double room)

Cheney Student Village only offers 50 week contracts. The longer contracts are ideal for students who wish to stay in Oxford over the summer. Contracts for the 2022/23 academic year run for 50 weeks from Saturday 17 September 2022.

Double study bedrooms are reserved for couples and both must be full-time students at Oxford Brookes.

What's included?

The price includes all of your utility bills, wired internet connection, basic contents insurance and inclusive travel on the BROOKESbus network (BROOKESkey account required). Wi-Fi is also provided across all Oxford Brookes sites.


The hall is close to bus stops on Headington Road, providing easy transport into the city centre and the Wheatley and Harcourt Hill campuses. You can walk to the popular Cowley Road, where most of our students socialise, in approximately 15 minutes.

Address: Cheney Lane, Headington, Oxford OX3 0BD.

Postcode: Cheney Gatehouse OX3 0BD

Telephone: 01865 325380

In your room

  •  small double bed
  •  desk and chair
  •  reading lamp
  •  wardrobe
  •  curtains
  •  pinboard
  •  bed linen not provided
  •  shower
  •  sink
  •  toilet
  •  mirror

Bedding, bathroom and kitchen packs can be pre-ordered through UniKitOut to be delivered to your room before you arrive.

Look inside

Single room study area
Double room
Double room storage
Double room study area


Opening hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Friday: 9.30am to 4.00pm
  • Phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm