Last minute

Despite our best intentions, we all sometimes leave work until the last minute. Life happens and deadlines can stack up. All is not lost, though, as you can achieve some focussed work in the time you have left. However, if you find the last minute panic is becoming a habit, you may want to look at why, and change your study patterns to make it less stressful. 

Scroll down for our recommended strategies and resources. 

Use the time you have

Instead of thinking of all the things you have to do, start from the time you actually have left. Look at what can be achieved in that time, and tailor how long you spend on each step or task to fit within your limits. You will probably get more done than you think you can.

Exceptional circumstances

If your work has been affected by unexpected issues beyond your control, look at Brookes' Exceptional Circumstances policy as you may be eligible. Apply as soon as you can, and also consider talking to someone like your Academic Adviser or Student Support Co-ordinator as they want to help and support you.

Always a rush

If the last minute panic is becoming a habit, it is good to address this for the future. Maybe you have a lot of other commitments and family to care for. Maybe you haven’t found an organisational strategy that works for you yet. Look at our advice on time management for some ideas that could help.

Only work under pressure

If you only seem to get started once the deadline is looming, you may be putting yourself under more stress than you need to. Look at our page on procrastination to understand why you may be putting things off.