• Turnitin is text-matching software. Brookes has paid for access to this software through Moodle. Turnitin cannot ‘detect plagiarism’ as text-matches can occur for many reasons. It needs human interpretation to see why the matches have occured. It can be a tool to help markers see how students have used their sources and if there are possible concerns about plagiarism. 

    Our top tips

    More than a percentage

    People often worry about the overall percentage match. However, a high overall match does not necessarily mean someone has plagiarised, and a low overall match does not guarantee the work is free of plagiarism. See this video for a good understanding of what all parts of your Turnitin report mean: 

    Using Turnitin yourself

    You can’t access Turnitin yourself unless your lecturer has set up a dummy assignment submission so you can see your own report before the final submission. This depends on the individual lecturer. The aim of seeing your report is not simply to reduce the overall percentage match by changing some words around, as this could lead to an incomprehensible assignment. It’s to help you understand how you have used your sources. See this video on how to use Turnitin to improve your writing: 

    Good study practices

    Although you probably won’t be able to see your Turnitin report before the final submission, if you have good study practices and have referenced correctly, there is nothing to be concerned about. See our pages for more on how to take good notes, paraphrase well, and reference correctly: 

    Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism isn’t a trap to avoid, it is something you won’t need to worry about if you are aware of how to use sources well and how to credit other people for their ideas. This is part of having academic integrity. Find out why academic integrity is so important at university: