Exam support at Brookes

  • There are many people and sections in Brookes who can help you with your examinations.

    Consult the Before your exams and On your exam day pages for what to expect in the exam room and ways to prepare yourself. Please have a look and get in touch if you have any questions or worries.

    Explore the list of support services below, and also on the Student services and Faculties and Departments pages.

  • Academic

    • Centre for Academic Development - A service that can help with Academic English, study skills and maths support, including specific advice on exam study skills.
    • Module leaders and teaching staff - They can provide support, advice and revision sessions. Please make sure you know what office hours and other support is available and make use of it.
    • Academic Adviser - Your Academic Adviser is there to help with any academic issues.

    Disability, dyslexia or learning difficulties

    Stress and anxiety


    Brookes Union

    Brookes Union provide a range of advisory and support services for students:

    External exam advice

    • Open University - Offer a comprehensive study skills section on revision and examinations. It includes sections on revision planning, revision techniques, exam techniques and stress management. It is information that is useful to all university students.
    • Mind - Dedicate a whole section of their website to student life and this includes a section on examination stress.
    • NHS - Provide a website on student health which includes a section on stress.