Christa Wiggin

  • Christa Wiggin PhD research student, Faculty of Business.

    Christa is completing her second year as a part-time PhD research student, under the supervision of Dr Louise Grisoni and Dr Sara Hannam. She graduated from the University of Keele in Sociology and Social Studies and completed her MA by research in Social Policy, also at Keele. She is returning to study after many years in senior management in both the public and the private sector.

    Christa has more than 30 years’ experience across local and central government agencies and in the private and independent sectors. She was an Assistant Director in Oxfordshire for many years leading on strategic management and establishing joint working across health and social care services. She was also the UK market leader for social care within KPMG and worked with regulators in health and social care services as part of inspection teams and the audit commission to improve services. She worked for 10 years within the Ministry of Justice as a specialist member of the Care Standards Tribunal and with the Police as an Independent member of a Police Authority and a Community and Race Relations Committee. During the last 10 years she has been the Director of an Independent Consultancy, most recently working as the Independent Author of Serious Case Reviews relating to child sexual abuse. Christa is also an accredited mediator.

    Her research interest is in business efficiency and within that issues relating to gender balance across executive posts at the top of both private and public sector organisations in the UK. The research is designed to listen to the voice of successful women leaders in post at the top of organisations and their view of their career journeys. In particular the research will explore their views of reputational capital and its role in organisations in the 21st Century. Within this approach the research is also seeking to explore in retrospect the impact of coaching, mentoring and management development programmes has had on successful career paths and seeks to determine also other factors which are felt by those women to have impacted significantly on their success.