Professor Juliette Koning

  • Juliette Koning is Professor in Organisational Studies and Research Lead for the Department of Business and Management at Oxford Brookes Business School

    Juliette has joined the Centre as an associate to contribute her expertise on ethnicity and religion in small business organisations.

    “I hold a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After a career in social anthropology, I turned my academic interest to organization studies. I approach organizations as life-worlds comprising of everyday practices and processes of managing, organizing, and meaning making and I am intrigued by the complexities of ‘how things work’ internally but particularly in relation to the external environment, such as the Southeast Asian context in which some of my research takes place.

    Driven by my anthropological roots my organizational research is aimed at gaining a better understanding of organizational actors, decision-making processes, and leadership. My expertise is found in organizational identity and identity work (gender, age, ethnicity); ethical leadership (religion/belief); small organizations (SME’s, ethnic entrepreneurship), and research methodology (organizational ethnography). I am also active in academic-practitioner debates in the UK and Asia on migrant entrepreneurship and ethnic identity.

    I have published widely on these topics in such journals as Management Learning, Journal of Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and a forthcoming article in Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice (on the meaning of ethnicity among Cambodian Chinese business owners in setting up their businesses after the demise of the Khmer Rouge). At the moment I am very pleased that our book (with Gweneal Njoto-Feillard) New Religiosities, Modern Capitalism and Moral Complexities in Southeast Asia will appear early 2017 with Palgrave/Macmillan.

    I very much look forward to cooperate with collages in the Diversity Centre on projects that include issues of ethnicity and religion.