Working from home whilst caring for children

    Family dynamics changed dramatically after March 2020 when the UK government called on everyone to work-from-home where possible. For families with children, new working arrangements had to be organised and combined with increased caring responsibilities, especially when nurseries and schools closed because of COVID risks.

    Dr Karen Handley is leading work to explore the experiences of men and women who combined childcare whilst working-from-home ('WFH') in 2020-2021. The research aims to understand how role responsibilities were shared in households with more than one responsible adult, how the boundaries between work and family were managed, and how work arrangements are changing.

    If you'd like to hear more about the research, or are interested in taking part in the current stage (involving one-to-one Zoom interviews) please contact Karen at khandley@brookes.ac.uk

    The research is funded through the Oxford Brookes University Research Excellence Award.