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    There is growing pressure both in the UK and Europe to address the underrepresentation of women in decision-making, leadership roles. Our work is about challenging the current thinking on women’s careers and shaping recommendations to national and European policy-makers on how to achieve change.

    Our research about women and leadership has helped fuel the national debate, seeking to raise about the barriers that women face in the workplace and shape future strategies for increasing gender diversity in all employment sectors.

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  • March 2017 - In this exploratory study the authors Manfredi, Vicker and Cousens provide insight into the interaction of head hunters with their clients in higher education.These firms are on the increase in the recruitment and selection process of senior leadership positions in universities, yet there is little research about how they operate in higher education. This study sets out to increase the sectors knowledge of these key influencers and uncover the extent to which diversity and equality considerations are taken into account. 

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    27th September 2016 - Changing Places: Women on Boards, the first UK study into the exchange of board-level talent between business and academia. It found that movement between these two sectors is far more frequent in the US as academic Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) interact much more with businesses, government and other organisations outside academia than their UK peers. In fact, US company boards are over seven times as likely to include a senior academic compared to boards in the UK, showing that British business is overlooking talent in higher education. 

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    Lord Davies CBE and Helena Morrissey CBE, Founder of the 30% Club, in conversation at an event held by CDPRP, on the progress of gender equality on company boards.

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    A round table discussion was held on Friday 28th November 2014 at Oxford Brookes which brought together academics, policy-makers and sector stakeholders to discuss the findings from research and its recommendations to advance gender equality in leadership roles in Higher Education. The round table also explored what HE can learn from the experience of the private sector to increase gender diversity. This discussion included input from Denise Wilson, CEO of Lord Davies’ Women on Boards Steering Group, Melanie Richards, Senior Partner KPMG and Elisabeth Passey from the 30% Club. 
  • Previous work

  • This project researched the career trajectories of senior leaders in higher education who are alumni of the Leadership Foundation’s Top Management Programme (TMP). This research was funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and Equality Challenge Unit and it provided a series of recommendations to increase gender diversity in senior leadership roles in the sector.

    Read the summary report and the full report.

    A series of legacy events which followed on from the Women and Leadership conference (see below) were designed to maintain a focus on the debate, advance knowledge and understanding of gender issues in the workplace helped to raise awareness and widely share good practice to inspire and enable women across different professions to aspire to leadership roles. These events included a talk about ethical leadership by Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, and a presentation by Viviane Reding, then Vice-President of the EU on the draft EU directive requiring listed companies to achieve 40% female representation among non-executive directors.

    This conference brought together academics, policy makers and women leaders in politics, business, public and voluntary sectors.

    Focusing on the experience of women who have achieved leadership roles it considered strategies designed to increase the presence of women in senior posts both here and abroad.

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