Technology Enhanced Learning

  • OCSLD, Digital Services and IT Services offer many academic and professional development services for Technology Enhanced Learning, guided by the TEL Framework.

    Advice and Consultancy

    New staff starters go here. As well as advice and consultancy through your OCSLD Link Developer and Faculty Digital Media and Elearning Developer ( DMELD), our TEL team would be pleased to help you develop your ideas and bring them to fruition.

    Introduction to TEL at Brookes

    For a quick introduction to TEL at Brookes, watch this. A transcript is here.

    OCSLD Course Design Intensives

    Structuring the next steps in making the changes to your course / module. Working with whole course teams towards formal design changes. 

    Digital Services Staff Development Workshops

    Digital Services staff training workshops are available to all Brookes staff. Please use this form to sign up for workshops with Moodle, Turnitin, Graddemark, Adobe Connect and other Brookes Virtual applications

    Library Information Skills Training

    Many courses include training sessions at appropriate times in the course - check with your course or module leaders for details.

    OBIS IT Training

    The IT Training website is currently being re-designed and will move to its new web address  /it/training/ in September.

    Digital Choices Matrix

    Practice, good and best with guidance on how to achieve good practice using a national benchmarking tool. 

    First Steps into Learning and Teaching (FSLT) in Higher Education

    FSLT is an accredited (10 credits, level 7, PCTHE, MA Education) open online course for anyone new or aspiring to teaching or supporting learning in higher education, this groundbreaking course uses a range of innovative, online, dialogic, assessment and simple academic multimedia tasks to develop a deep understanding of teaching practice and theory in higher education. Delivered wholly online, none the less the module is about any and all forms of teaching and supporting learning.

    Teaching Online Open Course (TOOC)

    TOOC is also accredited to the PCTHE and MA Education but is specifically about teaching in online environments.

    Digital Leadership

    Short course scheduled for April-June 2017

    Quality Assurance

    Many Quality Processes now have a significant TEL component Inquire about development for External Examiners, Student Reps, Programme Leads and Subject Co-ordinators

    HEJLT (formerly BeJLT)

    The Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching is an innovative online, scholarly journal, welcoming academic multimedia and conventional submissions submissions for articles on learning and teaching in higher, further, lifelong, experiential education. HEJLT sees learning and teaching as process and practice, and is itself part of that process and practice, helping novice and experienced academic authors to write and publish open, online, scholarly contributions to knowledge, practice and theory.

    TEL Needs and Technologies

    This paper summarises the background our current view of Technology Enhanced Learning needs and the tools we use.