BrookesKey Applications (Bus pass)

  • Travel in Oxford

    Oxford is a renowned cycling city and we fully encourage all students to walk and cycle wherever possible.    As well as being safe and more sustainable, it is a great way of exploring Oxford. Find out more here.

    If you are travelling by bus, you can use your valid Oxford Brookes University ID on most local bus services for a single discounted travel rate, just show the card to the driver.

    Temporary travel pass for all students

    New students will receive a welcome email at the start of semester from Oxford Brookes University. The email will include an icon for temporary free travel on the BROOKESbus services, just show the free pass icon to the BROOKESbus driver.  

    BROOKESkey Account Applications

    Students can also create a BROOKESkey account with the Oxford Bus Company which offers access to further discounted travel tickets on their local and airline coach services.

    You can apply for your BROOKESkey account as soon as you set up and have access to your Brookes email account. You will need to confirm your Brookes student number and Students living in Halls will also need their Hall address when they apply.

    Apply Online »

    BROOKESkey extra Inclusive Travel pass

    In addition to the purchasable discounted travel tickets, some students are eligible for an extra Inclusive Travel Pass on their BROOKESkey account, which allows for free travel on the public BROOKESbuses.

    Students living in Halls (booked through the University) and full time undergraduate students are eligible for the extra Pass. Click here to check the travel pass eligibility criteria.

    BROOKESkey App 

    If you have applied for the BROOKESkey account, you will receive an email from Oxford Bus Company that will give you access to their BROOKESkey App to access your account.

    Students who are eligible for the extra Inclusive Travel Pass, will have the pass added to their BROOKESkey account.

    You can find out more about the BROOKESbus App here and for all enquiries relating to the BROOKESkey, please e-mail

    Transport Desk - Contact details

    Further information on travel in Oxford and further details on the travel offers available to students, can be found on the University travel pages.

    Please contact the Transport Desk via email if you have any travel queries -