Education (MA) full-time

Including the following pathways:

- MA Education Open Route
- MA Education Childhood and Youth Studies (CYS)
- MA Education Leadership and Management (LEM)
- MA Education Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
- MA Education (TESOL)


During Induction week, make sure you follow your course induction schedule below, this must take priority over any other events. Most of these induction events will be on campus but there may be additional online events that you will need to attend or watch.

Next steps


MA (Education) 
The details of the sessions are in the table below. Please attend the session for the mode of study you have selected. It is expected that students will opt for one of the pathways, but for induction that aspect is less important. There are different induction schedules for different modes of study. 

Full Time on Campus 
These students have sessions on campus and the expectation is that students will attend all sessions. Some of the classes run from 5-7:30pm, so that the Distance Learning On Campus students can attend. Students in this mode of study will complete the course in a year.

Induction schedule

Please read the live version of your schedule below and make sure to check back here for any updates.

Saturday 17 September

Time Event details Location

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Induction Handbook 2022-23

Everything you need to know for Induction Week and beyond in one place.

Available from Welcome Weekend


Wednesday 21 September

Time Event details Location
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Introduction and Welcome to the MA Education and the Harcourt campus Session 1


Welcome – Introductions 
Support Services - Student Support coordinator; Centre for Academic Development
Programme Calendar – Key dates and assessments
How to add modules

B138/9 , B Block, Harcourt Hill Campus

Key contacts

Job title Name Contact details
Student Support Coordinator Sarah Woodward
Subject Coordinator for MA Education (open route)  James Percival

Subject Coordinator for MA Ed: Leadership & management 

Mark Gibson
Subject Coordinator for MA Ed: SEND Jon Reid

Subject Coordinator for:

  • MA  Ed: Childhood and Youth
  • PGC Ed: Early Childhood
Carmel Capewell

Subject Coordinator for MA Ed: TESOL

Paul Wickens
Programme Lead TBC  
Programme Administrator Gill Cross
Academic Liaison Librarian Hazel Rothera

Reading lists

This is an indicative reading list of the core books used for your course's compulsory modules.


Childhood and Youth Studies route


Gopnik, A. (2016) The gardener and the carpenter: what the new science of child development tells us about the relationship between parents and children


Madej, K, Judson, G, & Egan, K (eds) 2015, Engaging Imagination and Developing Creativity in Education (2nd Edition)


Wyness, M. (2019) Childhood and Society


TESOL route


Spiro, J. (2013) Changing Methodologies in TESOL Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press


Ortega, L. (2013) Understanding second language acquisition. London: Routledge


Flowerdew, J. (2013) Discourse in Language Education. London: Routledge.

Leadership and Management route EDUC7021  

SEN route 


Webster, R (2022) The Inclusion Illusion. London. UCLPress Link here: 

Open route


Thomas, G. (2017) How to do your Research Project, 3rd edn (London: SAGE).