Developing our new managers

  • There are a large number of face-to-face and online leadership and management courses offered by the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development. Starting a new role can also be a good time to use the coaching opportunities from the OCSLD team and coaching pool as a way to fast-track your development. 

    When you first start in a management role, there can be a lot to learn. Whether you have taken on a large team or a small number of direct reports, these suggestions will help equip you with key knowledge, skills and behaviours for a smooth transition into your role.

    Live experiential sessions

    From Team Leader to Team Manager

    This session focuses on the essential elements needed for new managers in the current climate. The interactive, experiential learning will help identify areas of strength and development, equipping participants with practical skills and the ability to apply them back in the workplace. 

    Manager as Communicator

    This session provides managers with an increased awareness of how to make communication effective in motivating and engaging staff by creating a shared understanding. 

    Building and Leading a Resilient Team 

    This two-part online session offers practical insights into how to lead your team through the current unfamiliar coronavirus pandemic. It helps you understand your own and your team members’ reactions and provides practical techniques to build team resilience and support wellbeing. 

    Personal Time Management 

    How to make the most of your time is a key skill for busy managers and this session focuses on the principles and habits of effective personal time management, as well as ways to maximise energy levels throughout the day.  

    PDR Reviewer

    Looks at the role of the manager in the Performance and Development Review scheme and offers a chance to practice the skills which help to make these discussions effective for both parties.

    Online, asynchronous mini-courses

    Short learning bite videos from the Skill Boosters Collection for some key management topics, relationship-building and EDI. 

    Develop strong trust based relationships designed with a particular focus on new leaders, this mini-course looks at how trust develops, its importance in working relationships and what we can do to improve our own ability to build and maintain it.

    Leading productive meetings meetings are a necessary part of a manager’s role, so make them count with this mini-course and discover the six key steps for making your meetings a success

    An introduction to using a coaching approach this course examines the benefits of a coaching approach to the development of team members and sets out key techniques to equip managers to use this approach effectively.