LinkedIn Learning

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  • LinkedIn learning is a library of more than 16,000 courses covering a wide variety of topics from personal effectiveness, leadership and management, digital skills and teaching and learning. During 2021, any member of Oxford Brookes staff can apply for a LinkedIn Learning licence account.  

    Register your interest in a license using the Request a LinkedIn License GoogleForm.

    By registering and securing a licence account you will be joining a year-long pilot project led by Robert Curry, Digital Services. The year-long pilot will evaluate the effectiveness of LinkedIn Learning as a learning and development tool. This will include general statistical analysis of usage and identification of the most viewed courses. The project team will also conduct short user surveys in the course of the year (no more than three) to gain your views and insights.

    In the event of over-demand for staff licenses, then a review will ensue and a potential re-assignment of dormant accounts.