Putting students at the centre

  • As we all have slightly different relationships with students, according to our role and the services we provide, this programme will plan a bespoke intervention for your area, to take account of these differences.

    Each programme will be designed with you to meet your needs. 

    Putting Students at the Centre is a programme supported by the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) to look at how you interact with students and learn from what you do well to further develop your service.  We will work with you to build a programme that will enhance your interactions with students and understand the differences this makes to students’ experiences of being at Brookes. 

    Who its for:

    The Putting Students at the Centre programme is for all front-facing colleagues across the University.  Those who have already expressed an interest are: Academic and Student Administration, Estates and Facilities Management, Learning Resources and OBIS.

    How will it work for my team?

    An OCSLD Developer will work with you to explore what you do well and what you could improve.  You will explore the links to the University priorities and how these can be enhanced and supported by this programme.  You will explore the best mode of delivery for your team, whether that is co or team facilitated or lead by OCSLD.  The programme will be delivered in a timely and appropriate way to meet your individual needs and working patterns.

    What could the impact me for students' satisfaction?

    We will look at feedback you have received to date from students, including the National Student Satisfaction Survey (NSS) and student feedback you have collected in other ways.  We will build on this feedback to put you in the strongest position moving forward to the next NSS.

    How will I know it has been effective?

    We will be identifying at the earliest stage what you will do differently as a result of Putting Students at the Centre.  These objectives will reflect the value of enhancing the student experience and look at measures to improve interactions with students.  We will identify ways to evaluate the impact of the programme between 3 and 6 months after the interventions.

  • Welcome, outline of objectives - What would you like to get out of today?
    Evaluate the start of this course
    Putting Students at the Centre - Taking the Student’s View - To the student, each of us represents the University
    What do students need from you in your role/out of your role (e.g. asking you a different question)?
    Moments of truth - times in our interactions with students when they make a judgement about the University
    Students as individuals - cultural differences
    Dealing with enquiries - First impressions - body language
    Assertive behaviour: listening, empathy, asking questions, giving information, problem-solving attitude
    Differences between interactions face-to-face, on the phone, by email or letter
    Dealing with difficult situations and people - Managing emotion
    Dealing with your own difficult situations (including complaints, mistakes, etc.)
    Personal and group action plans and evaluation - What changes would improve the student experience of your service?
    How will you know the changes have been successful?
    On going peer coaching will support the embedding of the changes to behaviours and processes