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    The Poetry Centre podcasts focus upon the work of one poet or feature discussion about poetry with poets and academics. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link for the audio you would like to hear, or click on the iTunes link on the right in order to subscribe to the podcast series.

  • The theme music for the podcast, entitled ‘Leaving for the North’, was composed by Aneurin Rees, and played by Aneurin Rees (guitar) and Rosalie Tribe (violin). Having completed an undergraduate course in Music and English at Oxford Brookes, Aneurin Rees is moving on to postgraduate studies in modernist literature and culture at York this autumn. His first singer-songwriter album, available in June, draws upon a broad selection of musical and poetical influences, driven by a passion for both art forms. Alongside composing and studying literature, Aneurin enjoys acting, and writing poetry and prose, with a strong belief that influence comes from every direction. He is always looking for opportunities to write soundtracks and work with other artists. For more information on current projects or to contact Aneurin, visit www.aneurinrees.com.

  • Episode 9: Shara Lessley talks to Niall Munro
    Shara Lessley talks to Niall Munro
    Episode 8: The Abandoned House
    The Abandoned House, a critical-creative dialogue between Terri Mullholland and Siân Thomas
    Episode 7: Jo Shapcott
    Jo Shapcott reading at the Shifting Territories conference, 22 May 2013
    Episode 6: Whales
    Claire Trévien
    Episode 5: Two sonnets from Essex Coastal
    Steven Matthews
    Episode 4: Voicemail

    Alan Buckley

    Episode 3: The Power of Ice

    Gill Learner

    Episode 2: Sisters in Verse

    Alex Pryce, Kate Clanchy, Jane Yeh, and Sophie Mayer

    Episode 1: Tolstoy at Astapovo Station
    Claire Cox