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  • Desert sands,
    Golden, rich,
    Burnt, scorched,

    A lone computer stands,
    Hardworn, sandbitten,
    Glowing dimly,
    Clinging to life.

    Weary soldier,
    Battle worn,
    Stumbles into view,
    Dragging his heels.

    A chair appears,
    Out of the sand,
    Green and faded,
    Camouflage faint.

    He crawls up,
    Into the chair,
    Types in his name,
    Blank screen.

    Internet’s up!
    Flashing lights,
    Email opened,
    A smile breaks.

    Energy surges,
    Fingers a blur,
    Spilling his joy
    Into the keys.

    The world spins,
    A morning has passed,
    Teen schoolgirl,
    Links to the net.

    Smiles all round,
    News at last!
    Her heart races,
    He’s safe and well


    by Beth Saward (Wychwood School) (Runner Up)