Panel reports

3.16 The report of the panel’s discussions and conclusions will be prepared by the panel Secretary, following the format set out in the approval report template (T2.10 or Part 2 of T6.1 for short courses) and guidance (G2.4). The report should be:

  • approved by the panel Chair
  • agreed as an accurate record by all other panel members; and,
  • forwarded to the programme team, to inform the action being taken in response to the conditions and recommendations.

The PDT chair should return the revised documentation to the panel Chair and link QAO, via the panel Secretary, together with a completed response to conditions and recommendations form (T2.12), indicating how the issues raised by the panel have been addressed and confirming that the ADSE is satisfied with the Team’s responses. In some cases, the panel Chair may choose to consult with other panel members to confirm whether or not the conditions have been satisfactorily addressed.

3.17 Once confirmed, the panel report will be scrutinised by the Quality & Learning Infrastructure Committee, in order to:

  1. confirm that the report provides evidence that the panel was properly constituted, that the process was properly conducted, and that appropriate conditions have been set by the panel;
  2. confirm that the report refers to the role of appropriate external reference points in defining academic standards, and to the University’s criteria for approval;
  3. agree on responses to any recommendations for institutional action that have been made by the panel;
  4. note any innovative practice that has been identified, and consider how it might be more widely disseminated;
  5. QLIC may also request further information, or action, from panels or Faculties if they identify any areas for concern within the report, or any themes arising across a number of reports.