Zoom and Panopto at Oxford Brookes

This page provides you with guides to help you use Zoom and Panopto for teaching. There is essential information such as how to set up your Oxford Brookes Zoom and Panopto accounts, scheduling meetings (teaching sessions), how to use breakout groups in Zoom as well as a link to the Oxford Brookes teaching recording policy.

About this guide

Much of the information on this page was developed from the frequent requests and questions of teaching staff. The OCSLD has worked with Digital Services and IT Services to curate this page of essential top ten questions and other resources to address common needs. For more technical help see the ITS Knowledge Base, support is also available from the IT Service Desk.

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Getting started with Zoom - Quick guides

Getting started with Zoom - Full details

Getting started with Panopto

Using Zoom, Panopto and Moodle

Using Zoom in the classroom

More about managing video recordings in Panopto

How to

Giving students access to Zoom

Get help with Zoom and Panopto

Zoom monthly updates


Further IT Q&As